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900 Year Old Church Of England Installed Solar Panels

900 Year Old Church Of England Installed Solar Panels

old church installed solar panel revitalisation of historic relic go green

Treehugger reports that a 900-year-old church in Withington, England is now running on 100% solar energy. St. Michael and All Angels Church recently installed 24 Kyocera solar modules for a total output of 3.12kW.

The Church of England has recently been promoting efforts to “go green” while carefully maintaining the historical–and religious–elements of their buildings.

Kyocera Statement

Solar panel supplier Kyocera explained in a statement that the “the modules were carefully installed to meet strict regulations concerning historical buildings by using a special ladder system that did not adversely affect the structure of the building or its visual appearance.”

Although ancient buildings in cloudy climates may not be the most obvious place to install solar panels, Treehugger noted that many churches followed a traditional design and were built on an east/west axis, resulting in lots of southern-facing church roofs across Great Britain.

According to green energy provider Ecotricity, more than 100 churches in southwest England are already using solar energy with more than 300 other Church of England buildings (including vicarages and religious schools) using other types of renewable energy.

St. Michael and All Angels Church also feature a biomass boiler for heat in addition to the solar panels that will support the building’s energy needs.


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