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A Light For All the World: Companies Are Helping With Solar Power As The Energy Source For Underprivileged Regions 2022

A Light For All the World: Companies Are Helping With Solar Power As The Energy Source For Underprivileged Regions

solar power for underprivileged regions innovating and pioneer energy availability to remote regions road to prosperity

The greatest advantages that solar power can offer are not in saving money for families dwelling in over-developed urban communities.  Solar power is making its most substantial impact in isolated, underprivileged regions across the globe. 

These regions experience the most benefit from acquiring low-cost power in areas where electricity and applicable technologies would otherwise be unavailable. 

Many organizations are making it their specific goal to develop programs to cultivate the products and innovations that increase the standard of living and life expectancy for those who would otherwise suffer in these regards.

Project Solar Light Fund

The Solar Electric Light Fund is thinking bigger than the individual.  Their projects aim at empowering communities.  The Solar Integrated Development Model (SID) understands the value of the “village.”  Three guidelines for growth are allowing this program and its participants to thrive in new and exciting ways. 

The first of these principles is Self-Help.  The people in the participating communities determine the breadth of the project.  Their priorities regarding how the integration of solar power will be used is of the highest concern.  Self-Reliance is also greatly emphasized.

The solar systems are purchased and owned by the individuals living in the community.  These acquisitions are achieved through microcredit financing, allowing each family a partnership in a community-owned asset.  The final principle is Self-Determination.

    Communities achieve independence by installing and maintaining the systems themselves.  Both men and women receive training in these procedures.  Initial project funding allows for additional parts and labor concerns over time.  This project essentially operates solely based on the needs of the community and their commitment towards their own success.

Sun Danzer

Solar power in the form of international development also calls for the integration of critical utilities with solar energy.  Solar freezers and refrigerators have been of great importance for developing locations throughout the world.  Models produced by Sun Danzer are finding a wide breadth of users and applications. 

This equipment is in great demand by universities who have established outreach programs throughout Africa.  The fridges are used for more than just food storage as well.  Lives are being saved with the ability to store vaccines and other medicines. 

Solar refrigerators meant for medicinal purposes are operating at the highest level of sophistication in regard to development.  Unlike other models for refrigeration, these units require no batteries or power cells.  They are stand-alone units that rely on only one solar panel. 

Many versions of solar ovens have also been valuable contributions to impoverished African regions.  The equipment being put to use around the world is gaining attention as new and emerging designs continually receive the approval of the World Health Organization.

Companies such as Voltaic Systems are committing large amounts of their resources to these humanitarian efforts.  Solar bags are just one piece of technology that is allowing solar power to be mobile and versatile. 

These backpacks are outfitted with a flexible solar panel that allows for charging hand-held electronics or operating laptop computers. on the move. 

Starting at just under $100, the technologies are becoming increasingly affordable.  Other technological advances making “the grid” unnecessary for isolated communities include solar battery chargers and high-capacity solar lights.

These projects and innovations are extremely encouraging for those that are concerned by a growing energy crisis throughout the world.  Large manufacturers such as GE and the Ford Motor Company are keeping close eyes on the potential inherent in this booming area of research.


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