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A Quick Review Of Solar Power For Home 2022: Why Solar Energy And How Much Can You Save?

A Quick Review Of Solar Power For Home [year]: Why Solar Energy And How Much Can You Save?

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Solar Power For Home Use Starts Here!

Hopefully, by now you have given some serious thought to solar power for home use. I just wanted to do a quick review on the topic. Here I will give a bit more technical specs on what you can expect with solar power for home use. I will try not to be too technical, however.

The Facts

The sun produces about 400 trillion watts (that’s just too many zeros to write down) of power, simply put that’s enough energy to power our entire planet for 500,000 years based on current consumption every second! The sun is also expected to continue to produce this power for another 5 billion years and current stocks of fossil fuels are projected to run out in about 50 years and we will start to feel shortfalls as early as around 2030.

What does this mean for us? I don’t know about you but I plan on being around in the next 18 years so I would like to avoid the mass scramble for energy that will unfold very shortly and if you think energy prices are high now …wait until fossil fuels such as oil and coal really start to run out then we will really and truly be at the mercy of the Sheikhs and oil barons.

What is a solar cell? a solar cell is made up of small units called photovoltaics, which literally convert light energy from the sun into electrical power which can then be used for any purpose such as powering your home or your car. What is a solar panel? a solar panel is simply a collection of solar cells.

How Can I Store This Energy?

You must be saying: OK,  generating solar power for home use is all well and good but the sun is not on 24 hours a day (unless you live at some extreme latitudes at certain times of the year) This is where batteries come in. You can store the power you generate in daylight for use at night or on a cloudy day.

Initially, you could keep your current energy supply from the electric company and use them as a back up if you are without sunlight for an extended period of time and the savings gathered from your initial efforts could be used to purchase more batteries that will aid in making you truly energy independent in the event you are without sunlight for a few days.

How Much Can I Really Save?

The average electric bill is in the region of $110 per month which translates to $1320 per year. If you were to install a solar energy system you could potentially reduce this by about 70 percent and if you really follow up on it you could even eliminate the electric bill altogether thus saving you in the region of $924 per year.

Depending on if you build the system yourself this could translate into bigger savings as most alternative energy companies still charge a pretty penny to get you set up; however you should be able to see a return on your investment in as little as 5 years if you choose the alternative energy company.

In these harsh economic times anywhere that you can save over $900 per year is extremely welcome!


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