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Affordable Solar Panels: New Material, Alternative Power, Cost-Effectively

New Material In Solar Panels Use Affordable Alternative Power Cost-effectively

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Today there are lots of research and new innovations going on in the field of solar energy systems. Many of you will be glad to hear that according to a new technique for producing electricity conducting plastics can help in dramatically lowering the cost of manufacturing solar panels, and thereby making this alternative power more affordable to consumers and businesses all over the world.

Recently the Princeton researchers have successfully produced plastics which are translucent, malleable and able to conduct electricity, and now they are working on the applications for the materials, most likely in a wide range of electrical devices.

According to them the plastics could represent a low cost alternative to indium tin oxide (ITO), an expensive conducting material currently used in solar panels.

At present the the electricity generated by plastic solar cells is collected by a transparent metal conductor made of ITO, which is not only a rare but also expensive by product of mining, which is also being utilized in the flat-screen TVs, mobile phones and other electronic devices which uses the display screens.

In order for the technology to work, the conductor must be transparent so that sunlight can pass through it to the materials in solar cells that absorb the light energy.

By manufacturing of the solar cells by using the low cost printing techniques and by replacing ITO as the primary conducting material, it’s easy to assume that the potential chances for lower cost of the solar panels.

Other than the above if you cannot afford to spend several thousand dollars on a solar system, and then it is a better option to build your own low cost solar panel. All you need to do is to follow some easy tips and you can be well on your way to producing your own homemade solar panel.

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