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All You Need To Know About Solar Cars: The Future Of Solar Battery Market And The Automobile Industry 2022

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Cars are known as one of the most polluting devices in the world due to their sheer number and frequency of use, so using more eco-friendly technology is always welcome. While hybrid cars do limit the pollution somewhat, this is nothing compared to solar technology.

If cars could harness the power of the sun, then not only does pollution go down, but so does the price of gas, as it would be unneeded.

While solar cars might seem like a great invention in the future, there are actually several solar cars in use right now. They are not commonly used on the street, but their current incarnations are leading the way for consumer versions of this technology.

Solar Cars Now

Solar cars are in existence now, but don’t expect to find one at a car lot any time soon. These cars are mostly made by scientists for competitions or for research purposes. As it stands now, solar cars are not ready for street use.

This is mostly because they can’t harness enough energy from the sun to really run without problems. Right now, photovoltaic cells can only harness 20 percent of the sun’s energy, which isn’t enough for extended driving.

Not only that, but the present solar car designs are bland and bulky. However, there is a reason for this. These cars are currently made to have a large amount of surface area. This allows more solar panels to be placed on the car, which is needed to give it enough power.

There have been some “tribrid” cars made that rely on electricity, solar energy and normal gas energy, but these cars are very complicated to make. Not only that, but they are also very expensive.

Photovoltaic Cells

Also known as solar cells, these are basically the batteries for solar cars. These cells are responsible for taking in the sun’s energy and converting it to electricity so the car can run. Making a photovoltaic cell is actually fairly simple in terms of other engineering creations.

The cell itself is made from silicon or any other type of semiconducting material. The material has to take the sun’s radiation and convert it into electricity. This is all fairly simple on paper, and the process can easily be used to power a car.

The problem is that present solar cells can only use a limited amount of solar radiation. Present cells are only capable of converting about 20 percent of the sun’s total radiation into energy.

Not only that, but these panels release the energy very quickly, so they are not durable in terms of keeping a charge. Considering the amount of energy a car needs, these present cells are not powerful enough to let people drive for normal amounts of time.

The Future Of Solar Cars

Until the photovoltaic cell can be perfected, which it is through infrared technology and other advancements, solar cars will probably first be introduced on the consumer market as tribrid cars.

These cars will partially use solar power at first, but the reliance on solar energy will increase as the technology advances.

As solar cells advance through new discoveries and they are able to hold onto more power, consumer markets will probably begin to see cars that can be powered exclusively by the sun. However, some people are worried about the creation of solar cars.

In the worst-case scenario, solar cars may have the ability to destabilize certain businesses, such as oil companies. Some people are assuming that this can make the economy collapse, while others believe that these companies will adapt to the needs of solar cars by changing their business practices.

Regardless of the economical impact, the future of the solar car seems rather certain. While they may not be made yet, they are coming.


Most people hate going to gas stations and getting gas, so having a car powered directly by sunlight seems like a dream. While these cars do currently exist, they do not hold enough energy yet to be street legal or even convenient.

However, as solar technology grows, these cars will become more common. If things continue the way they are, then expect to see solar cars on the market within 10 or 20 years.


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