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Best Portable Solar Phone USB Charger: Suntactics sCharger 5 Review 2022

Best Portable Solar Phone USB Charger: Suntactics sCharger 5 Review

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Looking for a solar charger capable of charging your phone or other mobile devices that can use a USB connection? Then the Suntactics sCharger 5 is right up your alley. This Suntactics sCharger 5 review will give you the details on one of the best mobile solar chargers on the market.

 All you need is some access to some sunshine and the right USB connector for your device and you are all set to tap into clean and free energy.

What Is The Suntactics sCharger 5?

The Suntactics s Charger 5 is a solar charger designed to charge mobile phones, rechargeable batteries that have USB connectors, and many other Mobile devices. It specializes in charging iPhones but all phones are welcome.

On a nice sunny day, you can even charge a tablet or iPad! The device is really simple and is basically a fold-able solar panel with a standard USB charging port.


  • Capable of charging any device that can be powered through USB. Can fully charge an iPhone in 2-3 hours and takes about 4 hours for most other phones.
  • Gives the user the ability to use their device even while it is being charged. Most other solar chargers require you not to use your device while it is being charged!
  • Extreme portability. With its foldable design and weighing about a half-pound; it is very easy to store and take around the home or on outdoor adventures.
  • Durable. Water-resistant, sturdy construction, and 2-year warranty combine to give you peace of mind and confidence in a quality product.


  • Devices being charged may get hot while being charged. Due to both the solar charger and device being charged both being exposed to the sun and most popular mobile devices being black; your device may get a little more hot than usual. This can however be alleviated by covering your device with a small white towel to keep it cool.

Why Should I Get The Suntactics sCharger 5?

The efficiency and portability of this mobile charger make it a sleek and handy device to have around the home. It is ideal for those of us who live in sunny areas and are on the going green path and for those of us who also love the outdoors and like hiking and camping etc.

With this, there is no need for spare batteries, and with most of us heavily reliant on GPS while we are out; this offers the ideal solution to make sure our mobiles are fully charged and ready to go all from clean pure energy from the sun.


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