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Boiling Water With Solar Energy – Sunrocket Solar Kettle Review 2022: Best For Camping And Outdoor Activities

Boiling Water With Solar Energy - Sunrocket Solar Kettle Review Best For Camping And Outdoor Activities

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Boiling water with just the use of sunlight may seem impossible at first thought but the SunRocket Solar Thermos and Kettle are here to blow you away. In this Sunrocket solar kettle review, we will take a look at a truly clever device that is easy to use around the home and on any camping trip.

Water is one of the most essential elements of life and having clean and safe water for drinking and cooking is paramount to survival, especially on camping trips. Throw in the fact that you would be using clean efficient energy from the sun makes this kettle and thermos a worthwhile addition to our simple solar devices arsenal.

What Is The SunRocket Solar Thermos And Kettle?

The SunRocket solar thermos and kettle is a portable water heater and water storage device which is capable of boiling water with the use of sunlight and also keeps that water hot with the use of its thermos design.

The kettle has the capability of heating water in as little as 30 minutes depending on sunlight conditions and works in virtually any level of direct sunlight.


  • Needs no fire or electricity to heat water. All you need is sunlight
  • Portable and sturdy design. The device weighs only around 2 pounds and is made from durable scratch and
    weather-resistant materials to ensure supreme durability and long life.
  • Can be used as part of an emergency kit either at home or on camping and hiking trips.
  • Affordable price point. With a 25 percent discount available at Amazon; it costs under $60
  • Easy to use and handle. Just set it up in some sunlight and forget it.
  • Keeps water nice and hot even after the device is taken out of direct sunlight.


  • Thermos holds about 500ml of water which is good for about 2 cups at a time. So you may need a separate container to store hot water if your needs go beyond 2 cups.

Who Is The SunRocket Solar Thermos And Kettle For?

This is definitely an ideal product for people who like the outdoors and love to go camping and hiking. Water is always one of the chief resources needed on camping trips and though there may be streams or lakes on your journey; often that water needs to be purified through boiling and sometimes you just want a nice fresh cup of tea or coffee to get you going in the morning while out camping.

This is also an ideal product for people who just like to be prepared for emergencies and live in disaster-prone areas frequented by hurricanes etc, where power and water can be gone for days at a time.

Water is usually abundant after hurricanes but is often contaminated. This item would be an ideal part of your disaster kit to keep you going until civilization is back up and running!

See below for alternatives to camping solar-powered devices and gadgets!

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