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Can Air Conditioners Be Green? Sustainably Redesigned Solutions Against Global Warming Explained 2022

Can Air Conditioners Be Green? Sustainably Redesigned Solutions Against Global Warming Explained

green air con low emission redesigned and remodelled sustainable solution

The demand for greener home goods is rapidly growing, and air conditioners are no exception. When remodeling a home or purchasing a new appliance, most homeowners seek the newest efficient, environmentally-friendly models. These new products are safer for the environment and use less energy, which means homeowners are left with a lower energy bill.

Why Are Older Models Harmful For the Environment?

Old models of air conditioners used a type of CFC coolant now known to cause serious damage to the ozone layer. For that reason, newer air conditioning systems use different coolants.

While even the newest air conditioners may have an adverse effect on the climate (according to the New York Times, despite the switch to refrigerants that have less of an effect on the ozone layer, gasses produced by new air conditioners still affect climate change), homeowners looking to go “green” will be happy to make do with the newest technology available.

At the very least, air conditioners are far greener now than they have ever been. For those who live in a hot climate, living without air conditioning is a difficult prospect to face.

Not only is it miserable, but it can also be dangerous for the elderly, older adults or anyone with chronic health conditions. While there are currently no air conditioning systems or units that are 100 percent green, the following units and systems pose less of an environmental toll than others do.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal HVAC systems are considered to be the least polluting. This system uses a combination of water, flowing through pipes that are buried deep in the earth, and fans to cool the home naturally.

These systems must be professionally installed, but energy savings will quickly make up for the cost of installation.


ENERGY STAR is a government EPA program designed to help businesses and consumers reduce energy use. Products with an ENERGY STAR label have been tested for energy efficiency. The less energy a unit must use to do the job, the easier it is on the environment, in general.

Some central air conditioning units and systems with this label include the following: Broan FS4BI Series with iQ Drive Control, Fraser-Johnston Premium Series, and LG LSU/LSN Series with Comfort Alert Control.

Window units with the ENERGY STAR label include the following: Frigidaire – 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, model FRA086AT7, Hanover – 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, model HANAW06A and GE 115 Volt Room Air Conditioner, Model #: AEN12AQ.

Many other brands and models qualify. Just look for the ENERGY STAR label before making your purchase.

In addition to choosing a greener air conditioner, you can make minor adjustments to your home to keep things cooler. Use insulating shades that block heat from your windows.

When running a window unit in one room, keep doors closed so that the cool air is not dispersed. These small steps add up to big savings for your pocketbook and the environment.


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