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Can Solar Energy Be The Best Substitute Of Hydro Power?

Can Solar Energy Be The Best Substitute of Hydro Power?

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Human progress and development has its visible impacts on the world as well as on the eco-system. Sadly, the more it has aided in improvising our life styles, the more it has caused damage to the entire planet. As the nature has been destructed along with years of industrialization, people are getting more and more concerned in this regard.

There are a large number of people who have actually dedicated their entire life and even their living style to this apparent new green concept of living. It has been stated that this particular revolution commended from simple concepts like recycling and planting trees.

In the present times, there are numerous mobile home manufacturers who are actually coming up with prefabricated homes for all such people who are environmentally conscious.

One of the most imperative contributors of global warming and pollution is the fuel. In general, industries have been making use of these fossil fuels which are non- renewable and generate too much of population while they are burned. In the present times, the entire world is in search of renewable resources.

As a matter of fact, all of these resources we get to utilize reload with the passage of time, for renewable ones, this entire procedure tends to be quick fast and you can have them renewed as soon as they have been consumed.

The energy that is produced via such resources is known as the renewable energy. The most widely used renewable energies in the present times are the solar energy and the Hydropower source of energy.

Solar Energy

It happens to be one of the universal and biggest sources of energy. The solar energy is one of the mostly utilized and preferred sources of energy. The best thing related to this source is that it doesn’t reduce with utilization. As a matter of fact, the stats concerning global warming suggest that it is just going to elevate with time.

On the other hand, if we start utilizing this resource for our energy requirements instead of burning coal and trees, we will be able to reduce the effects of global warming to some extent. There are some special kinds of cells and are called as the photoelectric cells which modify the solar means of energy into electrical source of energy.

Hydropower Energy

Hydropower is the other most utilized renewable source of energy all around the globe. The electricity that is produced and supplied to our homes is mostly via dams.

The reason to this is that the water flows in a strong manner and also for a longer period of time, and the effectiveness for these dams turns out to be greater as compared to the wind turbine or solar panels. However due to some environmental issues with such kind of energy, its use has been diminishing.


The objective in utilizing the renewable energy resources is to bring down the negative environmental impacts that are related with the non-renewable energy sources like natural gas and coal.

Opting to utilize different renewable energy sources will not only be useful in translating into cost of saving in the long haul, but also would be helpful in protecting the environment from the risks of non-renewable energy sources as well as fossil fuel emissions.

Therefore, the Social energy can be a good alternate for Hydropower energy resources.


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