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Comparing The US Vs Germany Solar Energy Market 2022: What Is The Difference Between US And Continental Europe Energy Market

Comparing The US vs Germany Solar Energy Market What Is The Difference Between US And Continental Europe Energy Market

US vs Germany energy market difference continental europe and the americas

I wanted to share a quick look at something that’s pretty incredible.

Something that comes up a lot about a solar panel installation is whether or not your area is good for solar energy. This is something we revisit a lot, but it’s pretty startling when you compare the United States to Germany, which is the largest solar market in the world at the moment.

One thing you would assume by that statement is that Germany probably has better conditions than the United States for solar energy.


When compared with Germany, the United States has more than twice the solar resources as our European neighbor. Even the Mid-Atlantic region has 60 percent more solar radiation than thebiggest solar market in the world.

(You can view the map for yourself here:

Most of us assume that there’s a reason why there’s not more solar panels in our area. It must be a simple reason like, “We don’t get enough sun so it doesn’t make sense.”

But the truth is that Germany found a way around that problem. Now how that “way around” their problem will work in the long run is debatable, but they are still the dominant solar country at this point in time.

We don’t actually have an excuse like “not enough solar resources” to make solar energy a viable option.

So what’s our excuse then?


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