To a better world 🙂

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a big thank you for visiting my site dedicated to solar power for home use. I have been a huge fan of alternative energy technologies for years and I think technologies such as solar power will be the way of the future and make for a more Eco-friendly world.

Over the years growing up in a country blessed with almost year-round sunshine; I grew sick and tired of seeing my electric bills grow month after month to near stratospheric levels while we have the greatest energy source in the solar system overhead. Power companies import all these fossil fuels which left our cities blanketed in smog. I decided there must be a better solution.

That’s when I started doing some research and started finding more about solar power. I became absolutely amazed by how many solar technologies had the potential to not only cut electric bills but also improve the environment. I am excited that you have taken time out to join me on this truly incredible journey of discovering how beneficial solar power for homes can be to all of us on the planet.

Any questions or additional comments about solar power for home use? I would love to hear from you.