Do Solar Powered Attic Fans Really Work? Top 3 Fan Model Reviewed 2021

There are a lot of applications for a solar fan that is still gaining the consumer’s confidence. One product that can easily be an applied today is the solar attic fans. I read a lot of posts asking: “Does the solar-powered attic fan really work?” The answer is yes. While it may not have the exact power ratings that a wired fan would have, there are three main reasons to use a solar-powered fan.

The first reason is easy, which is, if you believe in solar power and its benefits to our earth then this is a nice application. The second would be cost, which isn’t the same benefits as a solar panel on a residential home, it still has its merits over time.

And finally, the reason I would think most people should look at it is the lack of wiring that takes place on a solar exhaust fan’s installation. Most products require no wiring, making it much easier to install than hiring an electrician to run wires to a remote place in your attic.

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 Excellent fan at a reasonable price – Installation was easy. Recommend having another set of hands. Install took less than an hour- maybe thirty minutes. House is now very comfortable and a constant temperature, where before your house would get extremely hot in the afternoon. Fan runs quite quiet so it is difficult to tell when it is running. Excellent fan for an reasonable price.

I will highlight three of the solar powered attic fans out of the many on the market as the ones to review. They have a sturdy design, solid installation diagrams and have the power to do that job. Speaking of power, most people have said that the fan can do 75% – 90% of the wired attic fan’s job, which for its purpose is still very adequate.

The first fan is model number SAF10, no wiring necessary, and has a 25-year warranty. It is not intended for a flat roof nor can be installed on a side-mounted roof wall. I would advise you to purchase the thermostat as well. This is my top selection because it also can be purchased with a thermostat, which I think is very much needed.

The second fan is essentially the same product, in a metal case but also incorporates the use of the wind for the turbine ventilator. This is model number ASF-12-C2.

The last solar fan is model number 53510 and is rated at 1200sq ft. I have selected these three fans because they are all top models, but they are also very similar in design.

I had previously done a review on 2 Portable Solar Fan in a previous post for things such as boats, RV’s, or sheds. Thoughts or comments?


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