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Evergreen Solar Panels For Your Home: Models To Choose From 2022

Evergreen Solar Panels For Your Home: Models To Choose From

evergreen solar panel for the home cosy choices

I have mentioned in several articles that you should be focusing on best-of-breed solar panels for your home and that includes a few select few of Solar Panel Manufacturers right now. The efficiencies are the best and they are able to spend money on advancing the technology, which changes quickly.

Evergreen Solar has one of the best solar panels right now, so I thought I would get you more comfortable with them.

Evergreen Solar has 4 current solar panels on the market. I will focus on only two of the families because the ES-Spruce and the ESC are being phased out soon. The main difference between the ES-A and the ES-B is the low voltgage design.

Within each of the families, there are 3 Wattage products to pick from. As you can see, the ES-A is a higher Wattage and has a higher performance rating. You can also see this breaks down to a quicker payback, which balances out the higher cost.

Evergreen Solar
ES – APhotovoltaicNormal20090%12 Months25 Yr
ES – APhotovoltaicNormal20590%12 Months25 Yr
ES – APhotovoltaicNormal21090%12 Months25 Yr
ES – BPhotovoltaicLowVolt18088%15 Months25 Yr
ES – BPhotovoltaicLow Volt19088%15 Months25 Yr
ES – BPhotovoltaicLow Volt19588%15 Months25 Yr

I have also done a brief product review of the Sunpower Residential Solar Panels. Check out my article on Sunpower Solar Shingles. Also, find out how to get a free solar panel evaluation from the leading solar panel manufacturing companies


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