Examples Of DIY Solar Panels For Heating Up Pools: Set Up, Benefits, Power Calculations And Points To Note When Installing 2022

To heat the water of your swimming pool as fast as possible, you will have to build one or several of these solar panels following the step by step instructions included in the video.  Each panel will produce up to 3500 watts of energy, no matter the number of panels. By joining them together in parallel you can reach very high levels of heating capacity for your swimming pool.

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The photo shows a pool of 27 feet in diameter equipped with 6 solar panels. The system heat the pool water for an output of 6 x 3500 watts = 21 kW (71,658 BTU/h).

You can set up your solar panels in places such as your house roof, or shed, against a fence or simply on the ground, the main thing being that the panels are exposed to the sunrays at least for part of the day.

During winter, your solar panels can remain in place and await the return of the hot season.  All you’ll have to do before winter is to remove the water inside the solar panels.  It’s that simple! 

This picture shows 3 solar panels that have been installed on the roof. The panels face southeast and produce up to 10,000 watts of energy.

In Ontario (Canada), 4 solar panels have been built.  They heat a pool 5 months per year for four years.

Here are four solar panels installed on the ground. They heat the water of around 24 feet in diameter pool.  It has an output of 14 000 watts (48,000 btu). The pool is constantly 10 degrees warmer than that of neighbors.

This picture shows the two pipes connected to the panels. One pipe brings the cold water from the swimming pool to the panels and the other one brings back the water to heat the swimming pool.Water circulation from and to the panels is secured using the swimming pool pump.

Each solar panel is supported by a wooden structure easy to build. This structure protects the panel and ensures its rigidity.

These 3 solar panels, handmade by the owner, heat a pool with 10,500 watts of power.       (Nantes, France)

These 3 solar panels, set up on the ground, heat a 26 foot in diameter pool. Total heating capacity:  10,500 watts  (Pennsylvania, USA)

Solar pool heater installed on a roof. These 8 solar panels built by the homeowner, heat up his pool for power of 28,000 watts. (California, USA)

The Number Of Solar Panels To Use:

The total panel surface should be at least 40% of your swimming pool surface. For instance, for a 21-foot diameter circular swimming pool (346 square feet), we suggest building 4 panels (32 square feet each). Obviously, the more panels there are, the higher the heating capacity.  Generally, 3 to 6 panels are sufficient for a pool.


The costs are limited to The purchase of the material needed to build the solar panels (about $20.00 the US per panel)The purchase of pipes to link the solar panels together. This amount depends on the distance between the location of the panels and the swimming pool. (Generally not very expensive)The purchase of some hardware such as the 3-way valve, ABS glue, collars, joints, screws, etc …As you can see the investment is small compared to the cost of such systems sold in stores. You will be saving by building your solar panels yourself. Do it now in order to fully enjoy your swimming pool.

Solar Panels For Pools FAQs

  • What is the benefit of DIY solar system?

A part form the satisfaction of doing it yourself, you will save a lot of money. Moreover, you will be able to add more panels to your system should you want to increase the capacity. You can even make some for your friends.

  • Specifically, how many solar panels should I build for my own swimming pool?

The total panel surface should be equal to or more than 40% of the total swimming pool surface. For instance, if your swimming pool is 21 feet in diameter, we are suggesting using at least 4 panels. For a 24 foot diameter swimming pool, 5 to 6 panels should be enough.

  • What would be the cost of building a single solar panel?

Each solar panel might cost between US $20.00 and US $27.00. Obviously, prices may fluctuate from one place to another.

  • Can these solar panels resist to, let’s say, Canadian winters?

Of course! However, make sure to drain out (flush) the system before winter to avoid frost damage. Also avoid panels to be affected by snow accumulation.

  • Can I set up these panels elsewhere than on my house roof?

Of course! You can set up these panels where ever you want. For instance, on a backyard shed roof, on a fence, directly on the soil, or near your swimming pool. The most important aspect is that your panels are exposed to direct sunshine. If it is impossible to set up your panels with direct south exposure, you may compensate by setting up more panels.

  • Where can I find these essential Cocoplast panels?

You can get these panels in many stores such as hardware stores, where artist material is sold, advertisement and billboards companies, office material stores, etc …

  • You are mentioning that each of these panels has a maximum power of 3500 watts. What does that mean exactly?

This means that each solar panel can heat up the water of a swimming pool to a maximum of 3500 watts. It is exactly as if one would use a 3500 watts electrical resistance.  3500 watts is the energy consumed by 35 electric bulbs of each 100 watts or the power used to heat up a regular water tank.


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