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Frostfire 16 Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light Review 2022: For The DIY Enthusiasts

Frostfire 16 Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light Review For The DIY Enthusiasts

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One of the best uses of solar power can be in the area of lighting. Solar powered lights can be charged in the days and shine brightly at nights.

One of the most efficient an clever applications of this is the combination of a motion sensor and a solar powered we are doing a Frostfire 16 bright led wireless solar powered motion sensor light review. This device is a clever combination of storing the sun’s energy and releasing only wen needed. This efficiently uses resources . it is best used as a security light or possibly a garage light or light for a shed.


  • No batteries are required to operate this light as it comes with a built in rechargeable battery.
  • Installation is pretty much a breeze and the device can be fully installed within an hour.
  • Stylish design allows for seamless and aesthetic blending into most home designs.
  • Extremely efficient as it turns on only when it detects motion and turns of about 30 seconds after it can no longer detect noticeable movement there by using the minimum energy required.
  • A very competitive price point makes this a very affordable and reliable investment.
  •  Durable metallic finish ensures long life.


  • The internal battery is nonreplaceable meaning when that battery is finished; you will have to purchase another light. The battery is rechargeable in that once it is drained of its electrical charge it can be charged continuously through sunlight however it is not replaceable as it is hardwired into the unit so if it gets damaged you cannot simply take it out and put a new one hence it is not replaceable. It is like many of the new fancy thin and light laptops; their batteries are rechargeable but if they get damaged unfortunately you need a new laptop.

Is It For Me? 

This is definitely for the do it your self enthusiast and for people who want to reduce their footprints on the environment while at the same time saving a few extra dollars.

If you currently use motion-activated lights which need batteries or need to be charged from an outlet at home this device is fully capable of replacing those types of lights and are aesthetically beautiful.

You will definitely save money on buying batteries and charging from your home as this light costs a little over 20 dollars and with a life expectancy in the range of 5 years you will easily see a return on your investment in these solar-powered motion lights.


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