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4 Fun And Unique Solar Powered Consumer Products You Should Get Your Hands On 2022: Upgrade Your Solar Gadgets

Fun And Unique Solar Powered Consumer Products You Should Get Your Hands On Upgrade Your Solar Gadgets

unique solar gadgets to buy and try special and funky ways to improve your life

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, then it’s likely that you are invested not merely in the idea of harnessing solar energy to preserve the environment, but are also interested in the burgeoning culture that surrounds solar energy in general.

Of course, even though we may advocate for solar energy in terms of public policy, we can also show our support by “buying solar” as it were. While this site features many solar-powered products, if you are looking for fun and interesting solar gifts, look no further.  The following are 4 fun and unique solar-powered consumer products…

Solar/Electric Scooter

Its official title is the mouthful, “Hybrid Electric Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle,” and it’s one of the first fairly speedy bike-like vehicles that use a combination of solar and electric energy to charge.

It’s foldable, too, so it’s essentially the perfect little scooter to get you from point A to point B in and around your vicinity. It can fit in a suitcase and emits zero greenhouse gasses. If there is not enough sunlight when you need to charge the HEKPV, you can simply plug it in.

Solar Curtains

Although not available to mass consumers yet, solar curtains are a concept being developed primarily by architect Sheila Kennedy. The idea behind solar curtains is that they function as traditional curtains, blocking out undesired sunlight, while also capturing the sunlight and harvesting its energy for future use elsewhere within and around the house.

Bonsai Tree Battery Charger

Perfect for home or office decoration, the bonsai tree battery charger can be arranged by the user in whichever way she likes. The tree branches hold solar panels, and the tree can be hooked up to various electronics, operating as an energy-efficient charger.

Solar Powered Fan Hat

On some scorching hot summer days, sometimes wearing just a cap is not enough. While you’ve doubtlessly wandered around a music festival or amusement park with a tiny electric fan in hand, slathered in sunblock and wearing a baseball cap to protect your face, why not combine protection and comfort? The solar-powered fan that does just that.

Mounted atop the cap is a solar panel that effectively powers a fan inserted in the bill of the cap. This way, your face, and head get protection from the sun, while the fan cools your face. This is the perfect gift for an energy-conscious outdoor enthusiast.


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