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Guide To Starter Kits For Solar Power Home Use 2022: Road To Energy Self-sufficiency

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The path to energy self-sufficiency can be quite daunting when starting out but with perseverance, it will be well worth it and you will be doing yourself and the planet a huge favor in the long run. Perhaps it’s best to start small by let’s say running a few appliances or even your lighting needs from solar power. A starter kit may be just what you need to break away from the initial fear.

What Is A Solar Starter Kit And What Can It Do For Me?

A solar starter kit gives you the basic components of what you need to generate some electricity from solar energy. They come in various power ratings; usually ranging in 10 or 20 watts.

They come with a basic solar panel, a battery for storing the electricity, and a few cables to connect to your devices. 10 or 20 watts may not seem much at first but you will get the basic knowledge you’ll need to eventually one day move up to bigger systems.

A small kit will be able to power small devices and could be used as a source to charge phones, laptops, tablets, etc. These devices though small are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives and the effect they put on our electricity consumption tends to go unnoticed. A starter kit can easily take care of these needs.

What About Costs?

A typical 10-watt system can be had for about $219 at Amazon with free shipping and for double, the power output at 20 watts expect to spend around $350 for the 20-watt system. These are fully do-it-yourself endeavors and therefore installation costs will be zero!

How Difficult Is It To Install?

Being a starter kit, they are extremely easy to install and come with all instructions needed and a complete novice will have no trouble putting one together. A β€œplug and play” type approach is sufficient to get these up and running.

In no more than a few hours, maybe even minutes you could be all set up and ready to tap into energy from the sun at your own convenience. Beginner-friendly is the best way to describe these.

Where Can You Get A Solar Starter Kit?

Solar starter kits can be found at most local hardware stores in the home and garden or outdoors section. They can also be found online at retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and online specialty alternative/solar energy stores.

At the hardware store, you will have the opportunity to probably get a first-hand demo of what the kit can do and the ease at which it can be installed.

The benefits of getting one online offer the ease and comfort of ordering from home, getting reviews, comparing different brands at the click of a mouse, and usually getting very competitive prices with free shipping. The time to start looking at alternative energy is now and not tomorrow. Let’s all strive to make this a more clean and efficient planet



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