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How To Become An IREC ISPQ Auditor?

How To Become An IREC ISPQ Auditor?

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Below is the IREC ISPQ Auditor job description and how much the auditor is paid.  Click for the IREC ISPQ Job Application.

Job Description:  IREC ISPQ Registered Auditor(Variable Part-time Position)

IREC ISPQ Background

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) is the North American Regional Licensee of the ISPQ International Standard 01022 for the Accreditation and Certification of renewable energy, energy efficiency and distributed generation Training Providers.

  IREC, a non-profit organization, is responsible for the full accreditation and certification cycle including processing applications, assigning registered auditors, awarding the credential and maintaining all records of applicants, candidates and award recipients.

IREC, as administrator of the ISPQ accreditation and certification program for North America, receives application packets from candidates for ISPQ accreditation and certification.

  These application packets demonstrate the ways in which the candidate meets the requirements of the ISPQ Standard and, where applicable, a Task Analysis.  These application packets must be reviewed and verified. 

Position Description

The work of reviewing and verifying applications for ISPQ accreditation and certification is performed by ISPQ Registered Auditors.  The Auditors are responsible for reviewing assigned applications thoroughly in a process called a Desk Audit.  

In the case of candidates for Training Program Accreditation and for candidates for certification as Independent Master Trainers, the Auditor will also conduct an On-Site Audit following the Desk Audit. Auditors play a key role in ensuring the quality and accuracy of the ISPQ evaluation process by ensuring that candidates for accreditation or certification actually meet the ISPQ Standard. 

 Auditors work with candidates through an ongoing exchange to ensure that they meet all the components of the ISPQ Standard before recommending them to the Award Committee, which makes the final decision on the award.

ISPQ Registered Auditors must participate in a training session and meet continuing performance requirements.   Applicants will also sign a Code of Ethics (within the work Contract), including assurances that the Auditor will avoid any conflicts of interest, both real and perceived.


Successful candidates will possess the following skills and experience:·         

  • Demonstrated interest in an energy-related discipline such as (but not limited to):  Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Thermal & Thermal Electric Systems, Wind Power Systems, Biomass Technologies, Hydrogen Production, Storage and Utilization, Fuel Cell Systems, Microturbine Systems, or Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technologies·         
  • Excellent organizational and evaluation skills; attention to detail and analysis skills·         
  • Excellent communication skills (oral, written and listening)·         
  • Proven self-starter and ability to keep to a timeline·         
  • Experience with quality assessment programs·         
  • Familiarity with the IREC ISPQ standards and policies·         
  • Five years of experience in renewable energy or energy efficiency


The role of ISPQ Registered Auditor is variable part-time.  The Auditor is compensated on a per-project basis in accordance with the established ISPQ Auditor Fees of $700(US) per day ($350 per ½ day).


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