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How To Brighten Your Landscape With Solar Powered Decor – Follow These Steps For The Easiest Outdoor Revamp 2022

How To Brighten Your Landscape With Solar Powered Decor - Follow These Steps For The Easiest Outdoor Revamp

outdoor landscape solar powered decorations and design

Solar power is the greenest, most efficient, and now the most beautiful way to decorate outdoor landscapes. There are many different styles of solar-powered lighting fixtures available for your outdoor living spaces.

With options ranging from traditional garden stakes equipped with LED solar lighting to lights embedded in artificial rocks that blend into your walkway, you can easily find a style that fits into your landscaping design while using solar energy to power the design.

Choosing Your Landscaping Decor

Choosing solar-powered landscaping decor is a flexible way to light your outdoors. Since you don’t have to worry about wiring limitations, you can choose from many different types of styles that fit well into each space you are landscaping.

For instance, a family of owls can adorn the lighting fixture you choose for whimsical garden decoration, or you may prefer a simple stainless steel lighting cone that provides a neutral lighting option that won’t interfere with other decorations you have in the area.

Mixing and matching are a good idea if you have a large space for light. Using a fun lighting fixture near benches or tables provides you with a conversation piece, while traditional garden stake lighting is used along paths and walkways without interfering with your overall landscaping design.

Integrating the lighting in your design is also recommended, especially if you are just getting started on the project. Ideally, solar-powered lights should be used about every six to eight feet along walkways for ideal lighting.

Creating A Design

Lighting your landscape with solar-powered decor is very simple. The lighting is very similar to traditional electricity-powered lights. The only difference between solar power and electric garden lighting is that you don’t have to rely on wires and switches for the lights to work.

Most landscaping design architects recommend using a focal point in each area, with other lighting being functional and not decorative.

One simple way to create a beautiful outdoor living space is to opt for one unique lighting piece and simple, efficient lighting for the rest of the area you are designing. It is also advisable to decide beforehand where your focal points will be.

For example, you may decide on using a focal piece in both the front and back lawns. You can also design a special area, such as the flower garden, separately from the rest of your property. Creating a theme for your entire property can really work to bring the theme together.

Using the same basic, stake-style lighting throughout the property works to unify your theme, while focal points set each area apart. Focal points can also follow a theme.

For instance, you may choose animals, pets or even be more specific and use dogs or cats holding a lantern. Whether you choose fun or traditional lighting fixtures, solar lighting is very easy to care for.

Care And Maintenance

Most solar outdoor lights use LED bulbs. This type of bulb is very long-lasting, often burning for many years before being replaced. The batteries used can vary depending on the brand that you purchase and the style of the fixture.

Lights that use rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries generally last for two years of regular use. Some companies recommend that you turn your solar lights off once a week to allow the batteries to completely charge.

Leaving your lights off for a couple of days a week allows the batteries to fully recharge and can add an extra year or so to the life of the batteries in the fixture.

You may also want to consider the weather in your area when choosing lighting fixtures. Some solar lights are decorated with glass, for instance. Glass can crack or break during very cold weather.

If you live in colder temperatures, you can choose a different material for your outdoor lighting to ensure it lasts or you can simply store your outdoor lights during the cold season. With proper care and maintenance, your solar-powered decor can last for several years.


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