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How To Clean Solar Light Panels

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How To Clean Solar Lights And Panels: The Guide To Get The Best Output By Keeping All Equipment Spanking Clean.

Solar lights and panels have become very popular sources of lighting and electricity. Not only do they increase functionality by providing light or electricity inside and outside your home, but they look attractive as well.

What you may not realize is that solar lights and panels need to be cleaned on a regular basis, as it keeps them working properly and looking their best. If you are wondering how to go about cleaning solar lights and panels, the following tips can help.

Gather Your Materials

The process for cleaning both solar lights and panels is not overly difficult, provided you have the right materials and instructions. For solar lights that are found in landscapes everywhere, you will need only warm water, soap, and a soft, lint-free cloth to efficiently clean them.

When it comes to solar panels that are found on roofs, you will simply need warm, soapy water and a few soft cloths or towels. A soft mop may also work well depending on the size of your solar panels. When you have gathered your materials, you are ready to proceed with the cleaning process.

Cleaning Solar Lights

If you have solar lights in your yard, you should check them every couple of weeks for dirt, rain buildup, and grime. If you find that your lights could use some attention, all you have to do is remove them from the ground and follow a few simple steps. After your lights are out of the ground, take them apart carefully.

First, disassemble the light fitting by either twisting it apart or removing the screws. Since solar lights vary, this step will depend on the type of solar light you own. Once the light fitting is apart, gently clean the light fixture with a soft cloth that has been dampened with warm, soapy water, avoiding any wires or circuits.

Never submerge any portion of the solar lights in the water. Next, wipe the solar panel portion of the light with the dampened cloth and pat dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Check any batteries for oxidation buildup and if you notice some, either brush it off gently with a toothbrush or replace the batteries. When the lights are clean and dry, reassemble them and place them back in the ground.

Cleaning Solar Panels

Although solar panels look vastly different than solar landscaping lights, the process for cleaning them is fairly similar and quite simple. The first step is reaching the solar panels on your home. If the panels are very difficult to access, leave the cleaning to a professional cleaning service.

If you can reach them safely, you can easily clean them on your own. All you need is a bucket of warm, soapy water and some soft towels or rags. You can also use car-washing mitts for cleaning. Simply wipe the solar panels down completely and scrub gently to remove any dirt, grime, or bugs.

Follow with a towel that has been dampened with water only, as this will prevent any streaks or soap buildup from developing. Pat each clean solar panel with a dry towel and you are done.

Now that you know how simple it is to clean both solar lights and panels, you will be able to keep yours functioning properly and looking great. Just remember to check them every few weeks, so you can remove any dirt or grime before it is too late.


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