How To Eliminate 100% Of Your Water Heating Costs By Using Solar? Save Money And Reduce Water Consumption 2022

With a solar water heater, the energy used to heat your household hot water is 100% free. A high-quality, a properly installed solar water heater will eliminate nearly all of your water heating costs without making any changes or sacrifices to your daily routine.

You can eliminate 100% of their water heating costs by making a few adjustments to their daily habits and routines.

Most solar water heater installations have a gas or electric backup system for emergency situations. For example, if you use all of your hot water after the sun has gone down you will have to wait till morning before the solar panels begin heating your water.

Your gas or electric backup system will prevent you from running out of hot water. This use of backup energy is minimal, but many of our clients find that with a few small adjustments they have no need for the use of any backup energy!

Eliminating 100% of your water heating costs is easy if you know how much hot water your family uses, size your solar storage tank correctly, and adjusting how much and when you use your hot water.

  • Know how much hot water your family uses each day
  • Adjusting how much and when you use your hot water
  • Size your solar hot water storage correctly

We also recommend following these hot water saving tips. Even if you do not have a solar water heater these a good tips to follow…

  • Install low-flow, aerating faucets and showerheads
  • Take more showers than baths
  • Reduce the length of your shower
  • Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible.
  • Consider upgrading your washing machine to an energy-efficient, water-saving model


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