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How To Go Off The Grid And Live A Green Life: 4 Steps To Sustainability And Self-Sufficiency 2022

How To Go Off The Grid And Live A Green Life: Steps To Sustainability And Self-Sufficiency

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There are more and more people today who are looking to live green, self-sufficient lives. They want to be able to provide for more of their basic needs without relying on large, corporate sources. One of the first places people start – naturally – is their home.

Greening one’s home is one of the best and most fruitful ways to attain both greenness and self-sufficiency. There are many practices you can employ whether you are retrofitting an existing home or building a brand new construction.

 Delaware new home builders can really benefit from taking a few tips for building a greener home that will require less energy and help you to be more self-reliant.

What You Need To Consider

One of the biggest aspects of green building is conscious design. Paying attention to the surroundings, taking advantage of ways to build that will require less energy when the house is operational.

There are many seemingly small things that one can do that will dramatically reduce their energy requirements, which means that larger endeavors, such as solar power installation, will be more feasible.

Insulated Concrete Forms

This is a means by which you can reduce your energy usage by some estimates as high as 20%. It can also make the home more temperate and quiet. Insulated concrete forms (ICF) provide the utility, versatility and benefits of concrete, as well as the benefits of insulation.

As the name implies, layers of insulation are wedged between concrete slabs. This has been shown to provide more stable temperatures in the home, regardless of season, and has also been reported to reduce outside noise intrusion.

Thermal Windows

Most of us already know about double- or triple-paned windows that reduce air seepage and thus the amount of heat or cold that is allowed to enter or escape a house. They can also protect against UV rays and other sun-related issues. There are now improvements to even this technology.

Thermal windows reduce the conductivity of heat or cold between the outside and inside. Polyurethane is used to create a thermal barrier that reduces the transfer of heat or cold.

Solar Power

The measures described above will not only make a home more comfortable to live in, but it will also save energy making alternative energy sources as a means to power an entire household more viable.

The more efficient you can be in the design of your home, the less energy it will take to power said home. Solar arrays are far more efficient, smaller, and able to produce more energy than ever before and are now more cost-effective than ever as well.

By using conscious design in your construction, you can easily build a green home that has certain aspects that help to reduce energy usage, which makes it far easier for alternative energy systems to provide for the needs of the home.

By doing these things, you can truly become an off-the-grid, self-sufficient homeowner. Not only is this better for the planet, it provides a feeling of independence and pride that cannot be attained in many other ways.

BIO: Scott is a freelance writer on a variety of topics including Green building, and when he is not writing for Excel Builders he is hiking in Upstate New York.


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