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How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient According To Your Budget 2022

How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient According To Your Budget

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Making your home more energy efficient leads to long-term savings. Insulation, a new energy-efficient boiler and double-glazing helps to lower your household bills and even contributes to a reduction in your carbon footprint.

However, these measures aren’t free. Although there are a limited number of government subsidies available, costs for installing 270mm of insulation can run into the hundreds. Double-glazing is costly too and a new boiler can set you back a couple of grand.

For families on a tight budget, making their homes more energy efficient is rather costly and not doable without some outside help. That outside help could come in the form of a new mortgage plan, or remortgage.

For an idea of how much you may be able to save by remortgaging check out mortgage payment calculator. You simply enter your details and out pops a figure; it’s really that simple to use the mortgage payment calculator.

Once you have an idea on how much you could expect to save with a new mortgage you know how much you have to spend on making a few energy efficiency changes to your home.

£100-£1000 To Spend

Heat rises so most heat is lost through your loft and roof. The easiest way to minimize heat loss is to install more insulation. The Energy Saving Trust recommends 270mm of insulation. Many houses in the UK only have around 100mm of insulation and some don’t have any insulation at all.

By upgrading your level of insulation you can save up to £175 per year. If you install insulation yourself you’ll just pay for the fibre-glass insulation, but if you seek the services of a professional you could pay up to £350.

Cavity wall insulation installation also costs between £100 and £350. Annual savings are around £135, so it’ll pay for itself in less than three years. Together you’re looking at a combined cost of a around £700 max.

£2,000-£3,000 To Spend

According to the Energy Saving Trust, it cost around £2,300 to replace an old gas boiler and upgrade it for a new A-rated version. Once the boiler is in however, you can save between £105 and £300 per year on your energy bills.

£3,000+ To Spend

Replacing old, single-glazed windows in your home is costly it costs around £7,000 to replace all the windows in a typical British terrace so despite saving £165 per year on energy costs, this will take a long time to pay for itself.

However, there are other benefits. Your home will be warmer, less draughty, quieter and more attractive. Find out more about the benefits of installing double-glazing on the Energy Saving Trust’s website.


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