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How To Save Money With Solar Power At Home? Federal Subsidies And Rebates 2022

How To Save Money With Solar Power At Home? Federal Subsidies And Rebates

tax and financial incentives to go solar federal rebates and subsidies save money

The use of solar power system has two advantages in broader sense. It is eco-friendly as well as pocket friendly. It helps the environment in many ways and helps the household to save on energy bill. A simple calculation would tell you that a 2 kilowatt solar power unit would cost around $ 16000 USD for producing solar energy for domestic use.

This is before any tax credits or incentives however, once you calculate the discounts and the cost you can save on monthly bills, you would understand how cost effective the system is in reality.

The federal, state and local governments along with some utilities offer grants and rebates for solar power unit installation. Hence, you need to call the regional council of government and city planning office in your locality in order to know whether they provide any kind of incentives and grant or not.

In case they do, you need to request for complete as well as return applications if you qualify for any incentives. You can also look into the government websites, to find out the applicable incentive that your state can provide.

California Case Study

Take for example the case of California, which offers many rebate programs and there are many utility companies in this state, which provide rebates to house owners. You can also apply for federal tax credits as well if it is applicable for you. It is better to register for net metering if the utility company in your locality offers it.

This meter would run in reverse when your solar power unit would produce electricity. This would save on your monthly electricity bill. The best part is that the utility company, for the excess power that you would produce, pays you. This is because you can sell the excess power to them.

You can also save money with solar power system if you stay in a rural area. This is because if your area does not fall in the power grid then your power company would have to extend cable to your house. This would increase the charges that you need to pay to the power company.

However, if you install solar system unit then you do not have to pay any money for the extra facility. You can choose to build the solar power unit on your own so that you can save a huge amount of money. You can also buy from auction stores, which offer significant discount on solar power unit.

Buying broken or damage solar cells can also save a significant amount of money. These are available in online as well as local store. However, you need to wire it properly so that it can be used to produce energy.

You can use solar water heater, solar screens, solar attic fan, garden lights, heating pool with solar energy, etc. in order to save money on electricity. In this way, you can save a lot of money using solar power units. However, the amount of saving would differ from household to household since the need for energy is different for every household.


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