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How We Can Change Our Old Behaviour To Save The Earth 2022: The Human Race Is Killing The Planet – Immediate Actions Must Be Called For

How We Can Change Our Old Behaviour To Save The Earth [year]: The Human Race Is Killing The Planet - Immediate Actions Must Be Called For

global warming take action immediately changing our habits use less electricity and emit less

This is a question that takes on more and more importance every year that goes by. The fact is that most of the time when someone starts talking about the planet and the environment, many people listen but then file it away for future reference rather than act immediately.

Yes, it is true that many of these issues will not have a great impact for many years or even decades. That does not mean that nothing should be done and it also does not mean that there is not an effect right this moment.

What Can Be Done

Use of Alternative Fuels For Cars, Trucks And Electricity

Many people carry with them the memory of the first electric cars that hit the common market in the 1970’s. These were not the most attractive cars on the road and needed to be charged frequently. They could not achieve anywhere near highway speeds and had some major issues.

This is not the reality of the electric and hybrid cars of today. The fact is also that electricity is not the only option when it comes to alternative fuel sources. Ethanol is another option that has no set of drawbacks versus traditional fossil fuels, with maybe the exception of land-use.

Lowering Electricity Use

This is more than the old adage of shutting a light off when a person leaves a room. Solar power actually pays a household in the long run in some cases. What many people do not realize is that a solar powered home remains connected to the power grid.

The purpose of this is for the home to be able to access the power grid if the solar energy is not sufficient. However, what most people do not realize is that the power grid can use the excess power that is produced during peak solar times and that the electric company pays the homeowner for this power that is used.


Almost every home in the United States has a trash company that picks up recycling and trash separately. For many years this was a simple fact that did not alter a household much at all. They would simply set the recycling out in a separate container and that was it.

Now, many communities are starting to charge for trash pickup by amount. Rather than simply put out as much trash as they want, these households are given a single trash container and that is the only container that is allowed to be used.

If a family needs more room then they must purchase a second or third container and they are not inexpensive. This has brought the idea of recycling to the household’s pocketbook and that makes a big difference.

These are simply many of the same changes that have been suggested in the past with a slightly new spin of them. There are more and more things that can be done every day and it is the responsibility of everyone to find new ways to save the planet.

No matter how many trash cans are given to a household, the trash is still typically taken to a dump. Whether it costs more money or not, most families will still produce the same amount of trash and believe that there is nothing that can be done.

New ways of thinking need to be established that go from the grocery store to the workplace and into every aspect of a person’s life. Education is a good place to start teaches about the planet. Rather than simply be a quick chapter in a book, schools need to take an active role in teaching the children that the planet is our only home and it is quickly changing due to our actions.

Since the first time that a scientist spoke about global warming, there has been an overall temperature change on the planet. This is not something that took hundreds of years, just a few decades and the problem is snowballing into even greater changes.

Changes need to be made and they need to be made now. This is not something that can be ignored much longer and it is no longer the legacy of the children. It is affecting everyone now.


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