Hydro-powered Alarm Clocks To Replace Traditional Clocks 2021: Wake Up In A Sustainable Fashion With Alternative Power Source

Giving in to the lull of circadian rhythms is quickly becoming a more conscious practice among many consumers. Control over sleep-wake patterns is now easier through the use of emerging technology, such as the newly designed hydropowered alarm created by Mark Bedol. Adopting these water powered alarm clocks is more than just a simple solution or new fad for home gadget connoisseurs.

As a replacement for annoying alarm plug-ins, hydropowered alarm clocks are replacing traditional alarm clocks as a viable alternative that raises consciousness about personal usage of carbon-based energy. However, these waking products have many more benefits for the average consumer.

Instead of leaving their subconscious sleep patterns in the hands of disruptive digital clocks, many consumers are opting for a more tranquil way to wake up. Not only does this mean waking up to new soothing sounds. It also means having more peace of mind through the use of alarm clocks that are good for the environment.

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✅ Best Hydro-Powered Alarm Clocks

Good Value, good size, clear visibility of time. – This is so simple and straight forward. Fewer EMFs in the room than from a plug in clock, they do say a better sleep can be achieved this way. The display is crystal clear even on the black with white digits option. The backlight can be switched to come on when the room is dark and switched off altogether if you feel this would be disturbing. There is enough light to clearly see the display.

Hydropowered Alarm Clocks Kill Harmful Wake Habits

For a few decades, many consumers have been taught that battery powered alarm clocks or electricity based alarms are the best and only way to wake up for a hectic day at the office. However, hitting that annoying snooze button is quickly becoming a thing of the past, especially because they can cause harm to the body.

According to an online article posted by ABC Good Morning America called, “True or False: Can an Alarm Clock Affect Your Health?,” a research study by the National Institute of Industrial Health in Japan reveals that waking to a sudden-jolting noise raises adrenaline levels that can increase high blood pressure and increase the heart rate.

As an alternative, these water powered clocks offer peaceful alternatives to waking up. With the use of soothing sounds, often derived from nature, consumers can now wake up gradually by using the same concept of hydropower that was used many centuries earlier.

Furthermore, while being more conscious of the amount of sleep they will get, consumers now wake up to the soothing sounds, such as softly struck glass, wind chimes or non-jarring digital sounds like the clocks at Bedol.com.

How They Work

With power available for six months at a time on a single charge, the mechanics of the hydropowered alarm clock is fairly easy to understand. With each charge, consumers simply fill up the charge chamber to begin the clock. Then the internal metallic plates begin to create a reaction that uses the ionic water to generate power for the clock.

 Benefits And Styles

The benefits of using water powered clocks are numerous. Not only do they help consumers wake up on time, but Bedol.com clocks have many other benefits that make them a practical purchase:

  • Uses very little water
  • Saves money and the electricity bill
  • Still runs during bad weather
  • Affordable
  • Made with stylish shapes
  • Both 24-hour and 12-hour time settings are available
  • Clean energy solution
  • Use charged water for small plants
  • Runs on regular tap water

Stylish Hydropowered Water Clocks

Mark Bedol water powered clocks are a hit with both kids and adults. The line provides consumers with shapes such as tear drops, water jugs and digital smiley’s. Consumers enjoy using their hydropowered alarm clocks with quirky nicknames, such as the squirt or the drop.


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