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Is Alternative Energy A Practical Option For Your Home? – Solar Power And The Promise Of Low-Cost Energy

What Is Solar Energy?

The earth has been receiving free energy from the sun for as long as there has been an earth. If there was an affordable way to utilize all of the energy the earth receives from the sun in one day, it would supply all of the power needs of the earth.

Affordable cost is the key to effectively using solar power. The good news is that as solar technology advances the cost continues to go down. The really good news is that as the need for clean energy sources climbs, those technology advances are happening much quicker every day.

There may actually be a time in the very near future that a typical homeowner could look forward to supplying his entire household energy needs with free abundant solar power at very low cost.

At present whole house solar power systems are available that can become cost free in 7 to 10 years, however the upfront costs for system components is still rather high. Think of it as prepaying for your electrical needs for the next 25 years up front, and you start being paid back on that investment from day one.

More good news, with the push to renewable energy, there are many sources of credits and rebates that can help drive the high costs down. Your electric utility provider may even be required to buy the excess power you produce from you.

Solar System Time Period

The typical home solar system will last and continue working for 25 or more years. That’s 25 or more years of low or no maintenance on a system that will eventually pay you back. Just imagine the thrill of possibly cutting your electric bill down to about $10.00 a month! That’s a lot better than the average homeowners $100.00 a month bill.

You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the environment, solar power systems do not burn fossil fuels, or produce any pollutants. The sun has been providing clean, renewable, solar power for millions of years, and will continue for millions more.

Solar power systems do not have to be an all or nothing proposition, you can start with passive heating, a hot water system (saves up 30% of your power usage), landscape lighting, swimming pool heating, maybe you have an outbuilding that your to have lights in, but do not want to pay the cost of trenching a power line to it.

The point is you can start with what you need or want now, and add to your system as your needs evolve.

Solar power systems, because they are straight forward, and use readily available components lend themselves very well to a do it yourself project. Components can be built from readily available inexpensive parts, and then installed.

Complete step by step instructions are available that will help you find the parts needed, assemble them into quality working components, and then how to install them. Be sure to check local building codes.

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