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Kyocera MyGen Solar Product Review: Solar System Packages Rediscovered 2022

Kyocera MyGen Solar Product Review: Solar System Packages Rediscovered

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What Is Part Of The Kyocera MyGen Solar System – Review

There are five packages to choose from, ranging from 1440w STC to 5040w STC, that use the latest Kyocera KD180 modules in a variety of PV array configurations. Each package is pre-engineered to optimize system performance and meet applicable NEC codes and requirements.

All major PV system components, disconnects and grounding equipment are included providing everything you need to generate your own electricity.

  • 4 Residential Packages (2520-7560 STC)
  • 3 Lite Commercial Packages (5040-15120 STC)
  • All Packages Use Kyocera’s Flagship Module (KD210GX) For Best Performance

The  myGen™ Systems are designed for use on residential and small commercial buildings and are ideal for either new construction or retrofit applications

Here are the part numbers of the Kyocera MyGen Solar Energy System:

  • Kyocera Mygen Economy
    Part Number 602460
    STC Rating:  1440
  • Kyocera Small
    Part Number 602461
    STC Rating:  2160
  • Kyocera Mygen Medium
    Part Number 602462
    STC Rating:  3600
  • Kyocera Mygen Large
    Part Number 602463
    STC Rating:  4320
  • Kyocera Mygen Mega
    Part Number 602464
    STC Rating:  504

What is included in the Kyocera Mygen Solar System

• 48 multi-crystalline cells connected in series
• Peak power of 180 Watts at 23.6 Volts
• Rugged extruded aluminum and tempered glass construction
• Worry-free operation with virtually no maintenance
• 20-year limited warranty on power output, 10-year limited warranty on the inverter, and 1-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship
• Disconnects, Wiring, and Ancillary Equipment
• AC and DC disconnects
• PV array circuit combiners
• Inverter optimized for highest efficiency with Kyocera solar modules
• Flexible metal conduit for wiring between the inverter and disconnects
• MC locking connectors
• Grounding equipment
• Module grounding wire
• Kyocera wiring diagrams and general instructions for system assembly
• All original manufacturers’ documentation, including user manuals and warranty statement



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