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Most Green US City & Governments 2022: Statistics And Power Source Cited

Most Green US City & Governments: Statistics And Power Source Cited

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Below are the most green towns based on city  power as a percentage of how much green energy they use according to the EPA.

Annual Green Power Usage (kWh)GP % of Total Electricity Use*Green Power ResourcesProviders (listed in descending order by kWh supplied to Partner)
1. City of Houston, TX
438,000,00034%WindReliant Energy
2. City of Dallas, TX
333,659,84040%WindGDF Suez Energy Resources NA
3. District of Columbia
244,267,00050%WindWashington Gas Energy Services°
4. City of Chicago, IL
215,000,00020%WindRenewable Choice Energy°
5. Montgomery County Clean Energy Buyers Group
134,599,00025%WindRenewable Choice Energy°
6. Chicago Public Schools
107,709,62020%SolarElement Markets°, On-site Generation
7. City of Austin, TX
74,142,99417%Biogas, WindAustin Energy
8. Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
70,000,00033%WindConstellation NewEnergy
9. City of San Diego, CA
69,043,00027%Biogas, Small-hydro, SolarOn-site Generation
10. Austin (TX) Independent School District
65,640,00041%Biogas, WindAustin Energy
11. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
60,000,00020%WindChampion Energy Services
12. San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant
52,769,44056%BiogasOn-site Generation
13. Marin Energy Authority
42,250,00025%Biogas, Biomass, WindShell Energy North America
14. Los Angeles World Airports
42,027,10025%Biomass, Small-hydro, WindLos Angeles Dept. of Water and Power
15. Montgomery County, PA
29,391,000100%WindPECO/Community Energy°
16. Nassau County, NY
29,121,45715%BiogasOn-site Generation
17. City of Albuquerque, NM
18. City of Philadelphia, PA
25,500,0004%WindPECO/Community Energy
19. City of San Francisco, CA
25,033,9773%Biogas, SolarOn-site Generation
20. City of Bellingham, WA
24,000,°, Puget Sound Energy°


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