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Our World Is More Complicated Than We Ever Dreamed

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In our attempt to learn the rules of how things work, we have learned that it is a lot more complicated than we ever dreamed. If there are limits those limits are so beyond our thinking that most of us cannot even think that big or that small.

Einstein And Theory Of Relativity

There appears to be a physical speed limit of space and time. It is huge. I cannot even conceive of 186,125+ miles per second. Einstein stated this limit in his General Theory of Relativity. Yet the Universe itself is huge. The nearest Star System to our own is 4.5 light years from here.

That is the speed of light traveling at 186,125+ miles per second for an entire Earth Year. We are just now beginning to realize just how huge it is. Not only is our own Galaxy huge, it is surrounded by other galaxies just as huge. The numbers are beyond most people’s comprehension. I do not dispute what our scientists have found. I marvel at the immense size of it all.

If there is a beginning of time, no one has been able to determine exactly when it began. Physicists and Astronomers working together have come up with a figure in the billions of years, possibly 13.5 billion years. No one knows how long it will last. I think they are in error. I think they are too conservative.

The universe could be a lot older. They are talking about distances to the edge of the Universe so large that even seeing the numbers has no meaning..

We are beginning to see how insignificant in this Universe we actually are. That insignificance is very humbling. Here on Earth we appear to be the dominate species on the planet. In the past, we, as a species, have had a huge ego problem.

Vanity has been everything in our view of things.. We have thought the Earth was flat. We have thought that the Sun actually revolves around the Earth.

Neither do the rules appear to be universal. Our scientists have been very busy in the last 100 years. We have unlocked some of the secrets of the very small.

We have made bombs of the very small that are capable of destroying the entire planet if set loose. It is called chain-reactions. Fortunately for us the chain-reactions stop at some point. Entire cities have been destroyed by atomic weapons.

Our scientists now have come up with a theory of how things work in that very small. It entails dimensions that we have never perceived. Using math I cannot even begin to understand, they are coming up with a multiple dimension foundation of our Universe. Right now the scientists say at the atomic level there are at least 11 spacial dimensions.

There are indications of other Universes interacting with our own. There are aspects of time that we had no previous knowledge of. What is more important, we simply do not know. We are attempting to learn. In the next 50 years, everything we ever thought we knew about the Universe could turn out to be completely wrong.

Revolution Of Physics

We are having a revolution in physics. Everything we thought we knew, is now containing an element of IF. Because everything we thought we knew is only about half or less true. I have deliberately kept this general without a lot of details. I don’t know the details. If I did, the government would probably want to make sure I didn’t tell anyone.

I am not a doctor of physics. I am a simple man with average memory. I am a simple person with a talent to look at ideas. I don’t know higher math. Nor am I a physicist. Nor am I an Astronomer. But the concepts and ideas from men of science is going way beyond anything we could have imagined when I was young.

Biology is another science that has made advances beyond what the average person could understand. I am even less at home with this. Much of what they have discovered is kept private and secret from the general public.

I was surprised when a bombshell hit biology in recent years. In England, they succeeded in cloning a sheep, I think they named the sheep, Dorothy. The cloning was from the cell of a 6 year old female sheep. So they succeeded in bringing to birth a sheep with the original programming in the genes of another sheep.

That was an enormous accomplishment. What they discovered from this cloning has implications for all of us. I think they replaced the genetic material in an egg cell with that of an existing sheep. Then allowed it to go through the womb of an animal to term.

Dorothy rapidly aged. She aged 6 years in a matter of a year or two, (not completely familiar with the details) so that she resembled the originator of the cell in very little time. Then something very strange happened. The aging process slowed down to normal. So the clone was biologically the same age as the original sheep.

Scientists had discovered why we age! It comes down to a progression of genetic material. We start out at conception with about 15,000 microscopic bits of information. Each reproduction of our cells leaves genetic information behind.

At birth we have a fraction of the information we had at conception. By the 50thย reproduction of cells we have reached old age. There is no longer enough information being generated for us to have successful reproduction of the cells. Thus, we die of old age.

The original 15,000 bits of information is probably down around 2,500 to 2,000 bits. Not enough to cause death, but enough to cause biological failures in many different forms, depending on which information survived.

What is significance is the original programming is still there in the reproductive organs. So when we reproduce, half of that information on each side of the reproduction forms new combinations with the original 15,000 bits of information.

This is the natural clock that determines how long you live. That this clock and all genetic programming is sophisticated beyond anything we could have suspected is amazing.

What is amazing to me, is all this information is pretty much on the head of pin. It is that microscopic. It is really dealing with the rules of the microscopic atomic universe as described in the physics above.

That means that we have the means to extend the lifespan of human beings. How much? I don’t really know. I am assuming that we are one breakthrough away from extending a human lifespan to at least 300 years. But I am speculating. The social ramifications are enormous. It could be an indefinite lifespan increase.

All of these discoveries may mean one thing. Either the human race is going to destroy itself in a huge explosion of atomic chain-reactions and radioactive debris or we are going to have to grow up. No more wars. No more national governments fighting with one another.

No religious wars. No economic wars. We have to grow up and tolerate one another. We have to grow up and find a different way of dealing with one another. WE either have to be nice to one another or we are all going to die.

It does not matter what beliefs we have. What matters is we have to learn to deal with each other in a manner that does not involve violence.

There are problems. One of those problems is that all this knowledge, whether it is correct or not, conflicts with political systems. A lot of governments are influenced by national motivations. One of these motivations is staying in power by directing everyone’s attention to an external threat.

It is like everyone has shrunk to being in a small room with a lot of people. I call it the Flat Earth Movement. It denies the possibilities of what all this knowledge brings to us. It is the Leach Movement amongst biologists and doctors. In this small room, more and more people are being given the power to eliminate every one that does not agree with them.

It is like you give everyone an automatic pistol loaded to kill. Then you provide them with motivation to kill each other. The doctors are faced with an enormous loss of income, if the facts become known and people do not get sick anymore. That is motivation to hide any significant discoveries in this direction.

Cancer alone is probably a 50 billion dollar industry. What happens if they cure it? Bye, Bye, 50 billion dollars of industry. Like that is going to happen . . . We are dealing with greed and it is not going to be easy to change it.

Our species is not known for tolerance of other people’s ideas and concepts. The temptation has always been there to conquer other peoples. Before the current times, the enormous travel time kept wars local. In the last century, that is no longer true. The idea of a conflict involving everyone on the planet has occurred twice in the 20thย century.

It was called World War I and World War II. It is almost to that point now, where a conflict involving the entire planet could occur. The economic conditions are ripe for it. The conflict in belief systems is ripe because we can all communicate easily over the entire planet. This is called the internet.

The isolation of most peoples is coming to an end. And with that end comes shock as to how other people live. What is perfectly logical to a Polynesian people isolated in the South Pacific, might be shocking to someone half way around the world in a society where nudity is not practiced.

That the temperature range is between 70-120 degrees fahrenheit might not even occur to people in a more temperate climate of 20-90 degree temperatures with air conditioning.

We probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 billion people on this planet. Somehow, we have to feed that enormous number of people. It is growing daily. Some people want to eliminate 6.5 billion of those people. Either in a conflict or a massive sterilization, there are people ethically and morally bankrupt enough willing to do just that.

These people think that 500 million people world wide is supportable. Anything more than that is not. We get back to the example of the small room with multiple peoples with the weapons to destroy everyone.

If that form of genocide is going to happen, I suggest it might be in the works by sterilizing the people’s food supplies with genetically altered foods. Only a lot of nations are not falling for it. Genetically altered foods outside our country are often outlawed.

The problem as I see it is science is accelerating learning way past what our social skills are capable of resolving. The two examples of atomic weapons and longevity beyond our current imagination are only two of the major concerns we have to deal with.

I am sure there are many more facts we are not aware of. Facts hidden by governments world wide. Much of this learning disagrees with belief systems all over the planet. Some of these belief systems violently oppose anyone that thinks different than themselves.

Somehow, we have to get all of our species on one page in dealing with each other without going to violent means like wars. Somehow, all of us have to put those loaded guns away in that small room we call the Earth. The alternative is unthinkable. The alternative is the destruction of the entire planet.

(authored by Dave Webb)


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