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Rational Way To Fight Big Energy Companies & Climbing Energy Bills 2022

Rational Way To Fight Big Energy Companies & Climbing Energy Bills

green companies fight against oil lucrative business for green sustainable development

It’s delusional to think that the price of gasoline or electricity produced by fossil fuel will EVER go down. Any finite resource you consume gets more expensive as that resource depletes.

Getting mad at big energy and gas companies SCREWING you out of your hard earned dollars is NOT WISE. You’re turning power over to them.

You can’t fight the SCARCE, HIGH DEMAND RESOURCE = EXPENSIVE equation.

Prices will always go up and trying to fight this does not make any sense. It’s a battle YOU will LOSE.

The More Rational Way Is To Change Your Perspective

Taking charge of your family’s financial future is absolutely VITAL.

Invest your time, money and energy into things you can control. Learn more, develop and improve valuable skills that give you more power. In the fast changing world in which we live today, this requires changing many habits and behaviors that we are used to.

These Changes Take Courage Are Not Easy.

The world is changing FAST, so you better get to work building personal wealth, developing advanced investing skills, producing your own energy, etc…

The importance of financial freedom…

When you are financially free or well on your way to being financially free, you have options many other people don’t have. When people are constantly stressed and worried about money and paying their bills, they make poor long-term decisions.

You have to overcome being stuck in “survival mode” with money. This involves developing advanced investing skills so you are able to accumulate substantial assets in a relatively short period of time.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to get your financial house in order to give yourself the knowledge, skills and resources to change and adjust as the times change.

Here’s where solar panels come in…

Individuals who invest in solar energy systems are taking care of two birds with one stone because producing your own energy directly correlates with increasing your personal net worth.

Frankly speaking, too many Americans don’t make wise investing decisions. Sad, but true. The direction that our economy is headed in requires substantial adjustments to the way most people are used to investing their hard-earned money.

Installing Solar Panels Is A Good Start.

They help you build personal net worth and increase energy independence simultaneously. Opportunities like solar panels are more sophisticated than simply dropping a percentage of each paycheck into a 401K.

Therefore, they require a fair amount of investment savvy in order to see the value and take the necessary actions to use solar as a means to increase your personal net worth and energy independence.

Increasing Your Personal Wealth Through A Change Of Perspective, Thought Process & Action.

Many people simply have a hard time accessing the courage to make decisions that deep down inside they know are the right thing to do. Changing your perspective of the world and how you make decisions revolving around your family’s future can be scary for many people.

Change is HARD, but you have to do things differently if you want a different result.

As a professional in the solar energy industry, sometimes my job is simply helping people to muster up enough COURAGE to make rational decisions that stabilize and secure their family’s well-being for many years to come.

It’s a deep place to go with people emotionally speaking, but this is the reality of this is what many of my prospects and clients are going through.


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