6 Reasons Why Solar Power Is The Most Sustainable And Viable Option For Home Electricity Use: Efficiency, Tax Breaks And More 2021

Dependence on fossil fuels has driven humanity to unparalleled stress levels. These fuels affect us in a number of ways that many don’t realize. Gasoline in your car isn’t the only use we derive from drilling into the planet for this resource.

However, for 4.6 billion years, the sun has been blasting away at this planet with a replenish-able power source. Let’s look into what makes solar power more superior to other methods.

1. Renewable

 Solar power will always be supplied by our sun. The day we go without the sun’s influence on our planet, is the day we’ll have bigger problems than power distribution.

2. Pay-It Forward

Most power companies will pay a home owner for feeding power back into the grid. That happens when the solar panels are collecting more power than is needed and/or stored. Excess power can be fed back into the power grid and can alleviate brownouts in the area.

3. Technological Advancements

As advancements in technology increase, so does the understanding and efficiency of solar collectors. Battery longevity, output wattage, and more efficient constructs are constantly being improved upon.

4. Tax-Breaks

Although the initiate cost of installing solar panels on a large scale for the home can reach in the tens-of-thousands of dollars, tax-breaks from the federal government in April can help reduce the overall costs. The savings each month from your electric bill can quite possibly pay for itself sooner than you imagined.

5. Scalable

Solar panels don’t have to be isolated to operating your entire residence. Smaller systems can be used to offset some of your power costs as in solar powered water heaters and lighting. You can start off small and keep adding to the array as your budget permits.

6. DIY Kits

As millions of people look for cleaner energy solutions, hundreds of organizations have put together do-it-yourself kits and will teach you how to build your own solar array. These kits can be of various sizes and can greatly reduce the overall costs of installation.

Solar power will be supplied to this planet long after human-kind has ended. It is a power source that needs to be explored more than it has been. What country wouldn’t relish in being the first to provide never-ending power to its people? Visit SolarPower.org and find out more information about how you can wean yourself from fossil fuels.

As the price of oil continues to rise, and as more people than ever wake up to what we are doing to the environment, solar power is rapidly becoming more popular than ever.  In fact, one might even say that a revolution is taking place.  An increasing number of people are finding value in becoming self-sufficient, and solar power is one of the top choices for those who desire to get “off the grid”.   

So just how popular is solar power becoming?  Well, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, 44% of Americans believe that solar power should become a standard method for heating homes in the United States.

Not only that, but according to that same survey 31% of Americans say that they are at least “somewhat likely” to use solar power in their homes in the next five years, and 13% say that they are very likely to do so.

Those are very encouraging numbers.

The cost of implementing a home solar power system is coming down at a time when more Americans than ever are viewing solar power as a practical alternative.

If you are in need of some inspiration, just check out the following video report about what one couple living in the Herefordshire countryside is doing with solar power….

Of course solar power is not the only alternative energy source that is good for the environment. There are others who are turning to wind power and geothermal methods of producing renewable energy. But solar is probably the most prominent at this point, and it certainly holds a lot of promise.

If you are looking for a way to help the environment and to become more self-sufficient, we encourage you to check out solar power as a possibility.  We believe that you will be glad that you did.


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