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Reasons Why You Should Deep Cycle Batteries For Solar Panels – Going Green To Save Green 2022

Deep cycle batteries are a great way to add to your green agenda. While probably best known for their use in storing energy generated by solar panels, these power sources require less maintenance, last longer and are cleaner than regular batteries.

Highly versatile, they are being utilized in more and more applications, allowing people to reduce their carbon footprint and their dependence on fossil fuels.

A look at how batteries work will help you understand how these durable, cost effective power sources are playing an important role in alternative energy and green technology.

Electric Battery

Batteries do not create energy; they store it. The real difference between a deep cycle and a starter battery is its purpose. A starter battery provides a huge surge of energy to start a car engine.

These batteries are then recharged using the automobile’s alternator. They work well for cars, but not for equipment that requires a constant power supply for longer periods of time. A deep cycle battery is designed to give a long-term charge.

It also releases power consistently to prevent it from being drained too quickly. It is designed to use up to 80% of its stored energy, providing a longer period of usage. This gives the deep cycle battery much greater versatility for environmentally safe applications.

Solar Panels Environmental Friendly

One great environmentally friendly application of deep cycle batteries is their use with solar panels. During a sunny day, solar panels power electrical equipment while diverting some energy to batteries.

After the sun goes down, the batteries pick up the slack and keep the power source consistent. This eliminates the limitations of solar power and offers a great complement to alternative energy sources!

Another advantage of using deep cycle batteries is their durability. The fact that they distribute power slowly over time makes them efficient and versatile. They can be used to power small residences or recreational vehicles the same way traditional power methods work.

They last for years, making them a good investment over other types of power. Also, thanks to dropping battery technology prices, high efficiency models that require almost no maintenance are becoming more and more affordable.

Thanks to all these factors, this type of power source is replacing gasoline-powered generators at ever increasing rates.

And since they work so well with solar panels, they afford two bonuses – they make using a renewable resource more convenient by storing power while making many forms of fossil fuel power less desirable.

Going green and saving green go hand-in-hand. Reducing consumption of fossil fuels that power everything from the lights in your home to the lights in your car what the green movement is all about. The entire world is focused on ways to reduce the use of carbon based fuels.

Deep cycle batteries are being used in more common applications. They are popping up in planes, cars, and trains. Given the versatility, economy and environmental friendliness of deep-cycle batteries, they are sure to be a big part of future green power solutions.

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Deep Cycle Batteries – Going Green to Save Green

by Stephen Daniels

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