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Reasons Why You Should DIY Solar Power For Home Use 2022: Unlimited Potential And Environmental-Friendly

Reasons Why You Should DIY Solar Power For Home Use Unlimited Potential And Environmental-friendly

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Why should you consider solar power for home use-the DIY method?

There are so many reasons. Firstly with industrial emissions being at record levels; you will be doing your part to cut down on harmful greenhouse gases which are harmful to the environment. Solar technologies are clean and provide an unlimited source of fuel, unlike fossil fuels.

Not to mention the savings you will get month after month and year after year. If you checked out my earlier posts on my engineering friend Micheal you could find yourself reducing your energy bills initially by 70 percent and may ultimately be free of electric bills in the very near future; if that alone won’t spark you into at least taking the first step and doing some research, I don’t know what will.

Let’s do quick pros and cons outline of solar technologies and then you decide if you want to be left at the mercy of the energy companies.

The starting point for solar power for home use.


  • Solar power for home use is 100 percent clean. There is no combustion of fossil fuels and hence greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide are not released into the . Most of us currently may not be around to feel the full effects of global warming but our children and their children will pay a hefty price if we do not clean up our act.

Saves You Money

Honestly with the harshness of today’s economic times; this should have been the first pro. Electric bills account for a large percentage of a household’s expenditure and in terms of essentials is right up there with food.

Most of us would be living in a nightmare if we went without electricity for a few days (I went without for a month once and believe me it was hell on earth). Solar power for home use will help alleviate some of this economic burden.

You will be able to see savings of 70 percent and even eliminate your bill altogether. Why? because energy from the sun is absolutely free! Once you are all set up, just watch those high-energy bills start to evaporate like a mini puddle in the Caribbean sun.


Current levels of consumption of fossil fuels are projected to have another 50 years of decent supplies before we start running out. This again may not be of much concern to us present-day but our future families will totally be affected by this. The sunbathes this planet with enough power each second to power the entire world with change to spare and is going to be around for another 5 billion years or so. So which source should we really be putting our trust in? One that’s going to be around for 50 years or one that will be around for 5 billion? I think the choice is simple. 



Most alternative energy companies charge an arm and a leg to set up your own system and this offsets the massive savings which can be had from solar power for home use. In the long run, you will still end up saving but most of us need more immediate impact.

This is where the DIY method will come in and save us! It is possible to set up your very own solar panel for under 100 dollars.


This is perhaps the only real major flaw with solar technologies. Sadly we all don’t get to live in Florida or the Caribbean or similar places that are constantly being bathed in the sun’s energy. Obviously, if we don’t have access to the sun then it is impossible to set up solar power systems.

Closing Arguments For Solar Power For Home Use 

It may sound intimidating at first but building your own solar panel is not as hard as it sounds and with just a little coaching you can do it yourself  You will tap into a limitless supply of energy and at the same time be a friend to the environment and save a tonne of money.

You don’t need a big alternative energy company to do it for you! unless you live in a country devoid of sunlight, then there really is no excuse to not consider the possibilities and take action.


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