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Resource Conservation 2022: Why Bother? Do It For The Next Generation, For Others, And For A Better Environment

Resource Conservation Why Bother? Do It For The Next Generation, For Others, And For A Better Environment

resources conservation for the world and other lives

You can read, hear, and see this kind of message all over conventional and new media. Everyone is telling everyone else to be conservative about our resources, to be more efficient, to pitch in with the effort in saving our environment.

It has become part and parcel of modern human morality to be conscientious of the way one treats the environment and consumes resources. To be callous towards these initiatives immediately makes you a bad, bad person.

Irony of ironies, the funding that supports the loudest pro-conservation voices are often from the gigantic multinational corporations who are most likely doing the most damage to the Earth’s capacity to support the biosphere (that includes us humans).

So, the top polluters and resource hogs of the globe are telling us not to consume so much even as the prime directive of every single for-profit corporation is to expand, acquire, and grow despite the environmental and social consequences?

The outright hypocrisy is enough to make you toss the entire message out of the window and just consume what you want until you leave this planet.

I propose that you do not throw the proverbial baby along with the bathwater on this one. Conserving resources has value, and despite the ignoble motives of the companies that outwardly champion the cause while depleting the world’s bounties in the quest to try to own everything, you should still do your part in keeping our home clean and productive.

Here, I have some points that you should consider:

Do It For The Children

First and foremost, you’re not alone in this world. There are people being born literally every second. Significantly more human lives are being added than are taken away, despite our penchant for killing each other.

The resource pie is being cut into progressively thinner and thinner wedges, and to make matters worse, there are a few of us who make it a point to make their own share larger and larger.

The young lives being born and are already alive, they need the same kind of resources that you need just for baseline existence. These are our children, our siblings, our fellow human beings.

Regardless of religious (or non-religious) affiliation, we put value in another life simply because we feel that we have value as well. Those who have divorced themselves from that idea are on their way to becoming the monsters that are creating these problems in the first place.

Do It For All Other Life

Just as our progeny deserve a shot at being alive, so do all the plants and animals that we are so dependent on for survival. Some people are even into thinking that there isn’t any human primacy over the rest of the biosphere (your child and that cactus have the same “value”), but I won’t get into that; it’s all pretty relative.

Still, you see how important it is not to make it detrimental for these other lifeforms by not indiscriminately taking and destroying as you make your way through the earth. You need these supposedly simpler and non-sentient beings to sustain your own life, after all.

Do It Because You Want To Be Better

This is not entirely an altruistic initiative, mind you. To practice restraint, to show compassion, and to take only what you truly need is good for you. By itself, it is an exercise in discipline, an effort to focus your energies properly in attaining a better you.

By being responsible with your use of resources, you give way to other people being able to have their fill, and by helping the rest of humanity in being healthier, happier, and more productive, you enrich yourself as well.

Having better-supplied and inevitably more competent members of your species (brought up in an environment of responsible people, no less) will make your people stronger and more adept in handling those challenges that are beyond human control.

What Can Be Done?

I wish for humanity to collectively open their eyes to the reality that we are all that we have, and that we have to help each other in this communal uplifting of mind, body, and spirit.

Though these ideas sound rather lofty, everyone can pitch in just by all the small acts of conservation they can do, especially when it comes to fuel and electricity use, two things that have the greatest potential to harm the environment if produced and harvested carelessly.

Search engines are your friend; there is a wealth of information out there that you can learn about on how to conserve.

The little things add up: maintaining and purchasing affordable tires so that your vehicle’s gasoline mileage is optimal, keeping track of how much power your electrical appliances are drawing out from the grid (this involves actually learning the rudiments of electricity in order to use tools like digital multimeters), recycling all sorts of items that can still be utilized instead of just being thrown into the dumpsite, the list is literally miles long when the proper research is applied.

We can do this. Conserve, and Live well!


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