Simple Solar Devices For Your Home 2022: Must-Have Gadgets Of The Future

Solar Power Is The Future

I have often wondered what the world would be like if we had discovered solar power before fossil fuels. What would be of our airplanes, our buses our tv sets, and just life in general? Well, today I am more concerned about what my bills would be like if we used solar technologies to power our homes.

Recently I have been trying to save some money in these harsh economic times by cutting back on my electricity use. I used to be an avid microwave user but since it got broken I decided not to repair it and try to save some money there.

I turn off my lights more and use the fanless, though it gets so hot here in the Caribbean. what was the result of all this? My electric bills rose from about 80 something dollars to 114 over the last 3 months.

How is that even possible? The worst part is; it’s useless complaining to the power company as they never do anything about it and you are left with pay I tor leave deal.

Solar power would be an avenue to rescue me from this situation. I believe if we had discovered solar power firstly and adopt this as one of the primary sources of energy for the future; with enough research and development we will have a much cheaper and more stable future energy use.

Our bills could be as low as 70 percent lower than they are today. It is time we start to truly move away from fossil fuels and truly start embracing that solar power is the future and a more healthy and sustainable way to go.

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Simple Solar Devices For Your Home

Using solar electricity doesn’t have to mean fancy solar generators or even full solar energy systems; Simple solar devices for your home can be a nice way to start and usually offer cheaper and less intimidating solutions especially to those just starting out in the solar world.

A solar water heater is often the main point of call for many homeowners looking to shave their electric bills. They are usually easily installed and very portable with a wide range of applications.


Focusing primarily on easy to install and operate devices is key here and with this in mind we can compile a list of devices that are easy “do it yourself projects” and won’t need a technician to install and with a few simple tools or in some cases no tools required you can cut back on hiring a professional to install and operate these solar devices.

 Most of the devices are perfect for outdoors and camping trips and general around-the-home use. The devices focused on here will primarily be used for lighting, mobile device charging, and simple heating such as a solar kettle. Yes, it is possible to boil water with just solar energy!

Examples Of Simple Solar Devices

The list is almost endless when it comes to simple solar devices. There are water heaters, simple chargers for mobile devices such as your iPhone, simple solar panels, motion-detecting lights, and most of us at some point in our lives have used a solar-powered calculator and may not even have known it.

Ever wondered why your calculator battery seemed to go on for almost forever? Chances are you had a solar-powered calculator which when in sunlight used energy from light to run directly or charge the onboard battery courtesy of that funny purple-looking stripped object at the front which was the solar panel.

Is It For Me?

At the end with the countless number of simple devices out there and the wide range of applications possible there is little reason not to delve into solar technologies. It requires little in terms of investment and the payoffs can be quite surprising.

There is bound to be something for everyone in this alternative energy landscape and we all have to take energy matters into our own hands at some point as we will one day start to run out of vital fossil fuels which currently fuel our world today. Why not start today?

What are your thoughts on simple solar devices? Do you think they can offer a starting solution to our growing energy needs?


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