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Solar Gadgets For Home: 6 Essential Products For Every Middle-Class Family (2022)

Solar Power Products And Gadgets for Middle Class Families and Homes: Find The Products That Suit Your Budget

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Solar power is fast on its way to becoming one of the most prominent sources of energy. The reasons for this are several. One is that it is easily accessible—as long as there is a sun up in the sky its power can be harnessed by the right technology.

Another reason is that it cannot be used up, unlike oil or minerals. Solar power products are, in consequence, on markets everywhere. Their costs vary greatly, from large solar panels to low-cost solar cells that can be carried easily. This article is exclusively about solar power products for middle-class families and homes. You can find more weird but useful gadget ideas here.

Home Solar Power Kits

A solar power kit that consists of a set of photovoltaic cells is the kind of thing that anyone can install in his household without having to make an investment in costly instruments. It may not be capable of meeting all the electric needs of the modern household but it can provide enough to reduce the electricity costs to a considerable degree.

They can also provide a backup source of electricity in case of a power failure. The more expensive solar power kits generate the most energy.

Solar Lamps

The outdoor lamps that many property owners place in their lawns and gardens for decoration often operate on solar power. They light up the place during the night and recharge during the day.

Red and green lights of this type may be bought for Christmas and there are indoor solar lamps on the market. They are easier to set up than lamps that have wires attached, which makes them popular even though they do not provide as much light.

Solar Emergency Radios

Numerous types of solar radios are now being made, some of them equipped with flashlights. They come with LED lights to indicate the level of power reception and can be operated in four ways—solar power, batteries, AC adapters, or dynamo generators. These radios are also portable.

Halogen Security Lights

The foremost product of this type is the Solar Centurion, which is designed specially to provide security. Among its components is a passive infrared motion detector that activates a floodlight, throwing it into the area of the motion.

It is covered with weatherproof molding. The Solar Centurion may be installed outdoors, in the garage, or in any area that needs to be protected at night.

Battery Chargers

Batteries can be very expensive, especially when you use battery-powered tools often. They can be recharged by using such devices as the Solargizer solar charger, which not only keeps the battery fully charged all the time—recharging takes place if the voltage drops below 14.5—but can actually extend its life by as much as five times!

All this makes it quite valuable when one is in some remote wilderness area with no access to electricity, for the battery of a smartphone can be recharged this way. The charger comes in two, five, and ten-watt models.

The Solargizer battery maintainer—the only product of its kind thus far—is also available. It can increase the battery’s lifetime and efficiency and even prevent it from losing power when it is left alone. Motor vehicles and electric fences can benefit from this device.

Solar Air Conditioning

There is a growing interest in the use of solar energy for air conditioning systems. Such systems are becoming widespread in Europe, particularly in the warmer regions of the south and central parts of the continent and in Germany. The very sun that heats up a house or building can also be used to cool it down.

The really big advantage of solar cooling is that by its very nature it works in its own favor: The days when the sun provides the most energy needed to make the machine work are those days when its power is needed the most. In addition, there is no need for long-term storage during the months when energy gain is the highest.


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