Solar Heating Systems For Pools Using Pipes Over Roof Should Be Avoided 2021 Here’s Why

Many people wrongly think laying down a certain length of black pipe over a roof is sufficient to heat up a swimming pool.  However even if these systems seem to work, they are incapable of increasing significantly the water temperature of a swimming pool. Here is why:

Black Plastic Pipe In Solar Heating System

Black plastic pipes set up on a roof transform solar radiation into heat which is transferred to the water circulating inside the pipes. The limiting factor with this pipe-type heating system is that one would need an extensive length of pipe before getting a significant increase in water temperature.

For instance, for this pipe-type heating system to have enough power capacity, one would need 518 feet (158m) of black 3/4″ pipe. Because more than one panel is needed, imagine the length of pipe that would be required to be as efficient.

Don’t forget that a large surface has to be exposed to the sun’s radiation to efficiently heat up the water of a swimming pool. Even if water would be near the boiling point at the outlet of the pipe this would not be sufficient since the flow would be too small.

You should rather invest one day of your precious time to build a solar panel system for your swimming pool that operates in an efficient way.


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