How To Clean Solar Light Panels?

How To Clean Solar Lights And Panels? The Guide To Get The Best Output By Keeping All Equipment Spanking Clean.

Solar lights and panels have become very popular sources of lighting and electricity. Not only do they increase functionality by providing light or electricity inside and outside your home, but they look attractive as well.

What you may not realize is that solar lights and panels need to be cleaned on a regular basis, as it keeps them working properly and looking their best. If you are wondering how to go about cleaning solar lights and panels, the following tips can help.

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Gather Your Materials

The process for cleaning both solar lights and panels is not overly difficult, provided you have the right materials and instructions. For solar lights that are found in landscapes everywhere, you will need only warm water, soap, and a soft, lint-free cloth to efficiently clean them.

When it comes to solar panels that are found on roofs, you will simply need warm, soapy water and a few soft cloths or towels. A soft mop may also work well depending on the size of your solar panels. When you have gathered your materials, you are ready to proceed with the cleaning process.

Cleaning Solar Lights

If you have solar lights in your yard, you should check them every couple of weeks for dirt, rain buildup, and grime. If you find that your lights could use some attention, all you have to do is remove them from the ground and follow a few simple steps. After your lights are out of the ground, take them apart carefully.

First, disassemble the light fitting by either twisting it apart or removing the screws. Since solar lights vary, this step will depend on the type of solar light you own. Once the light fitting is apart, gently clean the light fixture with a soft cloth that has been dampened with warm, soapy water, avoiding any wires or circuits.

Never submerge any portion of the solar lights in the water. Next, wipe the solar panel portion of the light with the dampened cloth and pat dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Check any batteries for oxidation buildup and if you notice some, either brush it off gently with a toothbrush or replace the batteries. When the lights are clean and dry, reassemble them and place them back in the ground.

Cleaning Solar Panels

Although solar panels look vastly different than solar landscaping lights, the process for cleaning them is fairly similar and quite simple. The first step is reaching the solar panels on your home. If the panels are very difficult to access, leave the cleaning to a professional cleaning service.

If you can reach them safely, you can easily clean them on your own. All you need is a bucket of warm, soapy water and some soft towels or rags. You can also use car-washing mitts for cleaning. Simply wipe the solar panels down completely and scrub gently to remove any dirt, grime, or bugs.

Follow with a towel that has been dampened with water only, as this will prevent any streaks or soap buildup from developing. Pat each clean solar panel with a dry towel and you are done.

Now that you know how simple it is to clean both solar lights and panels, you will be able to keep yours functioning properly and looking great. Just remember to check them every few weeks, so you can remove any dirt or grime before it is too late.

4 Ways To Get Inexpensive Solar Panels 2022: Get New Home Solar Power Source For The Best Price Possible

There is no doubt that installing solar panels in your house will be better for your future. You will be able to save a lot of money. But buying the panels itself is an expensive proposition and not something that everyone can afford.

If you cannot afford to buy a house, then you can just not think about buying solar panels. You can instead follow the tips given below so that you get the solar panels and save money.

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✅ Best BALDR 120W Portable Solar Panel

Very simple to set up and use. – As promised. Super easy to set up, relatively lite, does the job. Very portable. Cost less than most 100-watt units.

Renting Solar Panels

If buying solar panels is too expensive for you, then you can rent them. There are a number of companies offering the panels for rent. These companies charge a flat rate for the electricity generated by the solar panels.

And, the best part is that the rates will never increase. If you are living in a rented apartment, then it is best to speak to your landlord to install the solar panels and pay a fixed price for the electricity.

Buy Inexpensive Solar Panels On eBay

eBay is the site where you can buy genuine goods in new or used condition. Of course, you don’t have to buy used ones, but they will surely be cheaper than buying new panels.

You can also buy them from a local store, but this is an expensive option. Since you are not able to afford your own house, what is the point of buying expensive panels? Buy them from eBay now and you can upgrade later on when you have the funds.

Get Discounted Government Rates

The government has set specific standards for fire codes. If you meet these standards, then the government will offer you discounted rates on the photovoltaic system. The discount can be as much as 30% and you will be able to save a substantial amount of money.

Isn’t this a better option? When you are constructing your house and installing the fire and electrical codes, ensure that they meet the government standards so that you can take advantage of the discounts.

Build A Solar Panel At Home

If you are good with your hands and are able to follow instructions properly, then you can build a solar panel at home. It is easy to build one and is a very inexpensive option. You will need a copper flashing sheet, clip leads, and micro-ammeter to read currents.

You can also use LCD multimeters. In addition, you will need a big plastic bottle that is clear, a kitchen stove (an electric stove is better), tap water, common salt, sandpaper, and metal shears. Also, you will need to invest your time and your panels will be ready.

These are 4 ways that will help you save money when installing solar panels. The panels are necessary for these days of economic crunch as they slash a big portion of your utility bills.

You can buy solar panels from Baker Electric Solar and make your home environment-friendly. Of course, the Government discounts and the tax deductions that you get are an added bonus.

Sunpower Residential Solar Panels Review: Get The Best Model For Your Home 2022

I will highlight SunPower’s products and then also some other Solar Panels to think about. Also, keep in mind that you may also be thinking of Solar Roof Shingles | Solar Roof Tiles.

When looking at the difference in Solar Panels for Home Use, it is important to review a couple of key criteria. The first is initial cost. The second is the Watts / Panel and the third is the panel efficiency.

You can expert that you Watts / Panel be roughly 165 – 230 and your Efficiency be around 12% – 18%. The lower your rating, the slower you will recoup your money. You truly get what you pay for.

Sunpower has four solar home residential products

  • The Sunpower 225 and the Sunpower 230 are the highest rated residential panels from SunPower while the Sunpower 210 and the Sunpower 215 are the most cost-effective.
  • All are backed by a 25-year warranty, which is important as the technology is still emerging.
Sunpower 210PhotovoltaicNormal21016.90%25 Yr
Sunpower 215PhotovoltaicNormal21517.30%25 Yr
Sunpower 225PhotovoltaicNormal22518.10%25 Yr
Sunpower 230PhotovoltaicNormal23018.50%25 Yr

If you’re looking for an easier way to get into the solar market, one popular item is putting solar power on your gate access system or a gate security door and can be mounted on any fence or gate. Remember to purchase the battery as well.

Affordable Solar Panels: New Material, Alternative Power, Cost-Effectively

Today there are lots of research and new innovations going on in the field of solar energy systems. Many of you will be glad to hear that according to a new technique for producing electricity conducting plastics can help in dramatically lowering the cost of manufacturing solar panels, and thereby making this alternative power more affordable to consumers and businesses all over the world.

Recently the Princeton researchers have successfully produced plastics which are translucent, malleable and able to conduct electricity, and now they are working on the applications for the materials, most likely in a wide range of electrical devices.

According to them the plastics could represent a low cost alternative to indium tin oxide (ITO), an expensive conducting material currently used in solar panels.

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✅ Get Solar Power Outdoor Lights

Good Value – Used it in indigenous tribes on the border of Costa Rica and Panama. Many of the communities are without electricity so we provide these as a light source. For the price, they can’t be beat. We have purchase over twenty.

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✅ Get Solar Power Charger For Your Phone!

Weather proof – Use it every day on Denali. This means it was quite exposed to different elements: I had to stuff it in my backpack with other things, rain/snow drizzled on it, very cold at night, etc.. Never stopped working. Given the three outlets more people of our expedition came to me to use my charger since it was the most reliable one

At present the the electricity generated by plastic solar cells is collected by a transparent metal conductor made of ITO, which is not only a rare but also expensive by product of mining, which is also being utilized in the flat-screen TVs, mobile phones and other electronic devices which uses the display screens.

In order for the technology to work, the conductor must be transparent so that sunlight can pass through it to the materials in solar cells that absorb the light energy.

By manufacturing of the solar cells by using the low cost printing techniques and by replacing ITO as the primary conducting material, it’s easy to assume that the potential chances for lower cost of the solar panels.

Other than the above if you cannot afford to spend several thousand dollars on a solar system, and then it is a better option to build your own low cost solar panel. All you need to do is to follow some easy tips and you can be well on your way to producing your own homemade solar panel.

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The Best Home Solar Panel For Beginners 2022: Solar Energy Basics 101 Easy To Install And Operate

The best entry level solar panel for people starting out in solar power for home use.

Best Solar Panel For Home For Beginners

Solar panels come in various shapes and sizes with varying capabilities. By now you may already know that a solar panel is a collection of photovoltaic cells which have the ability to convert solar energy from the sun in the form of light into electricity.

People just starting out may want to try smaller easy to operate and install panels before they move up to more elaborate setups. When looking for a beginner solar panel; you want one that’s affordable, easy to install, easy to manage, and will save you money. So what is the best solar panel for a home for beginners?

Litefuze 30W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

The Litefuze solar panel is a very good entry-level solar panel. It is capable of producing 30 watts of power at about 17 volts and 1.7 Amps. Simply put you can use this to very efficiently charge 35 amp hour batteries which can in turn power lights, charge mobile devices, and power small appliances.

This may not seem like much but when we think about the cost of charging mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, phones and running small appliances such as fans over the course of the year; it is astonishing that this goes unnoticed given that most households have multiples of each of these devices.

The Best Solar Panel For Beginners.

Why Litefuze 30W Monocrystalline Solar Panel?

The panel is small and weighs only about 6 pounds and is very sturdy and weatherproof as the panels are encased in a very secure air-tight glass housing. You won’t have to worry about leaving these out in the rain or snow. Being small and very durable it is very easy to transport and maneuver.

Installation is pretty simple and beginner-friendly. The panel is very affordable at just about 100 dollars and is fully capable of paying for itself within the first year of operation by shaving a couple of dollars each month of your electricity bill.

This will further continue as the solar panel will easily last beyond 5 years. The risk /reward is definitely worth giving this solar panel a try. Another great thing about this panel is you can get it from the comforts of your home by ordering online and also get reviews on it from others who have tried this panel.

@ Solar Power For Home Use

30+ Most Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Energy System 2022: All You Need To Know About Solar Power As energy Source At Home – The Precautions And Myths

Can Solar Panels Or Solar Energy System Cause Electrocution Or Shock In A Flood?

One of the concepts that are new to many people is that their solar panels or solar energy system can cause electrocution or shock if their home is flooded.

Solar panels can produce a shock of up to 240 volts, which is far more than enough to kill someone.  Flood victims with solar panels need to contact their electrician or solar technician before returning to their home.  Even if they turn off their power, the way the system is set up may still cause electrocution or shock.  

Contact your solar installer, and ask, if you are in a flood zone so that you are prepared with what to do.  

Is Solar Energy A Good Career?

Jobs in solar energy should be one of the bright spots in the recession as it will be one of the growth areas in most states as well as the world. With new technology such as solar panels and solar panel technology quickly becoming mainstream, often times the solar research jobs and careers in solar power will be in demand for as long as the current recession will last.

Also, it is a new area of expertise for the mainstream company and solar panel technicians will start to be needed to repair once the product life cycle becomes more mature.

Many states such as Texas and California are pushing for green jobs and solar jobs to replace the ailing semiconductor space that has been left behind. The solar power careers can vary between solar energy plant workers, solar engineering, solar sales jobs, solar manufacturing jobs all the way to panel installers and callout technicians.

The salaries for solar jobs have been widely unknown and have varied drastically from state-sponsored grants all the way to private companies buying talent at any price to fill the demand.

How To Check A Solar Home Contractor License In California?

A lot of people assume that just because a California solar home contractor has a license, it must mean that its valid.

There is a way to check the license status for a California Solar Home Contractor that is very easy to do.

  • You can check by the California Contractor license number
  • You can check by the California Contractor Business Name
  • And you can also find out How to File a Complaint Against a California Contractor

What Are The Top 10 Solar Hotspots In The World?

Below are currently the top 10 solar hotspots in the world. Wondering what countries use solar power? This may give some indications.

I thought it was pretty interesting, what do you think? It’s interesting to see the news, as they would make you think that solar is some US initiative that we thought of and as always, it’s much bigger. Sadly, Americans rarely get that.

Top 10 Solar Energy | Solar Home hotspots | Cities that use solar energy in the world:

  1. Mumbai, India
  2. Delhi, India
  3. San Francisco, California
  4. Phoenix, Arizona
  5. Singapore, Singapore
  6. Denver, Colorado
  7. Melbourne, Australia
  8. Lisbon, Portugal
  9. San Diego, California
  10. Sydney, Australia

What did you think? As I assumed, there is a lot of solar power in India. I believe there are also alot of solar panel manufacturers in India too, I will blog on that soon!

How To Apply For A Solar Water Heater Tax Credit – IRS Form 5695?

Follow the instruction below to apply for a solar water tax credit, using form 5695.

Note: The credit is not available for expenses for swimming pools or hot tubs. The water must be used in the dwelling.

How much:30% of the cost (including installation/labor costs), with no upper limit.
Timing:Tax credit in effect through 2016. Must be installed in a home you own and use as a residence (no rentals, but second homes qualify) between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2016.
Details:At least half of the energy generated by the solar water heater (“qualifying property”) must come from the sun. Homeowners may only claim to spend on the solar water heating system property, not the entire water heating system of the household. The system must be certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC). The water must be used in the dwelling. The credit is not available for expenses for swimming pools or hot tubs.
Tax FormFor products “placed in service”, you need to file the IRS Form 5695 and submit it with your taxes The residential energy tax credit (from Form 5695) was claimed on line 52.
What you need to submit and save:Save your receipts and the Manufacturer’s Certification Statement for your records. Submit Form 5695 with your taxes.

Looking For Solar Panels At A Low Price? Benefits Of Quality Second Hand Solar Panels For Home Use And Points You Should Consider 2022

The used solar panels are indeed one of the best ways to obtain this expensive equipment. And finding a used solar panel is a great way to purchase solar panels but you need to make sure that a used version is safe to use. And always remember that if you are purchasing something which does not work is actually wasting of your money.

Check out these affordable product and comprehensive kits for your solar system.

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✅ Best Solar Panel For Outdoors

Works awesome – These not only come with a variety pack of different size connectors to fit any battery pack device, but they also have three USB charging ports, which makes it perfect for charging our battries, iPads, phones, and rechargeable headlamps all at the same time. These conventionally fold up and secure shut so that you can carry it by the handle and transport it easily, which you can’t do with the bigger solar panels. 

You need to check thoroughly in order to make sure that the solar panel which you are purchasing does not have any kind of damages such as any broken glass or plastic on the part which receives the sunlight.

Efficiency In Electricity

In fact there are many cases where the solar panels are in good condition but their efficiency in producing electricity may drop somewhere in between 10% to 60%. But actually it is still good enough for domestic use considering these panels in average can last up to 20 to 25 years or even more in a residential environment.

You can get the used solar panels in the retail stores. But according to most of the people purchasing the used solar power panels on the internet specially on the auction websites is one of the best options. You can actually get the used solar panels for sale on the internet at a much cheaper rate & it also facilitates you with a wider range of choice.

In fact by searching on the internet you can easily find plenty of websites with are selling used panels online. Basically these are third parties who act as a communicating link between the online sellers and the online buyers.

These companies or individuals then get a pre decided commission when a sale is made. But make sure to approach these deals with caution even with the well established websites such as eBay.

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