Solar Phone Charger Review 2021 – Blackberry, iPhone & Nokia

The Solar iPhone charger from Sollight isn’t exactly the large solar home projects I typically cover, but the uniqueness and thought process behind it may give consumers the confidence to see that solar is now more mainstream than in previous years. The Lithium-ion battery pack slips sleekly onto any iPhone to provide up to 50% full iPhone charge or ITouch charge.

And this prompted me to look for Solar Blackberry Phone Chargers and other Solar iPhone Chargers as well. You can see there is even a Universal Portable Hybrid Solar Batter Charger for a Blackberry, iPhone, and Nokia Phone. Here they are:

Solio S19-B38D Universal Hybrid Charger

Brunton New SOLARIS i6 Foldable iPodยฎ Solar Charger

iceTECH SOLAR-3000 – iPhone compatible Solar Charger by iceTECH

Portable Hybrid Solar Charger for Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, etc by Golden Gadgets


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