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Solar-Powered Garage Doors: Advances In Solar Cell Technology That Transformed The Way We Use Solar Power 2022

Solar-Powered Garage Doors: Advances In Solar Cell Technology That Transformed The Way We Use Solar Power

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Solar power is just now coming into its own as a fully functional, efficient, and versatile power source. The latest contribution to the inevitable legacy of solar power is the potential inherent in solar-powered garage doors.

We are not simply discussing garage doors that use solar power to open and close. This is an invention that has turned solar panels into garage doors themselves. The advances in solar cell technology have allowed panels to become thinner, less expensive, and much more resistant to damage.

Revolutionize Daily Travel

The implications of solar-powered garage doors are at their most compelling when you combine them with the electric car. Owners are able to collect energy through the panels on the garage door and use this power to charge their hybrid or electric vehicle.

Combining these two technologies virtually eliminates the annual expense of commuting to work and running errands.

The amount of money saved after compensating for the initial investment is astounding. OEMTek has been researching the potential in this technology with promising results.

Once this product is widely available, the reduction in the massive carbon footprint made by commuters on a daily basis will be considerable.

Adding To Your Reserves

Customers who don’t drive a hybrid or electric vehicle can still benefit from a technology such as this. The power being drawn from the sun can be redistributed throughout the home to power all electronic items. Adding solar panels to the garage door, panels that may already be installed in the yard or on the roof, can reduce your power bill tremendously.

The solar-powered garage door system will also substantially increase the amount of power that individual homes can feed back into the grid. With this ability, users will help the community at large in addition to lowering their own energy bills.

The benefits of this technology are limitless. Installation of solar panels designed in this fashion will be considerably easier than those designed for installation on the roof. It is likely that homeowners will be able to put these systems in place themselves by investing little more than a Saturday afternoon.

Staying On The Cutting Edge

Manufacturers with a history of providing top-quality garage door products and cutting-edge systems to the public are keeping an eye on the progress of this technology.

Companies such as Premium Garage Service Inc. are already beginning to spread the word about the potential release of this product in order to build the public’s excitement over its potential. The benefits of solar-powered garage doors can be experienced immediately upon installation.

As more residents begin using this product to gather energy for their homes, the amount of electricity used and the load on the grid will considerably decrease throughout the year.

The switch to electric and hybrid vehicles that this product is likely to encourage will also make an impact on the amount of carbon monoxide that is released into the air as the use of conventional fossil fuels in combustion engines declines.

The potential benefits go on and on. This product is expected to be a bit expensive when it is first released; however, like all technology the price will eventually fall and stabilize.


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