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Solar-Powered Picnic Tables Pop Up On Campuses 2022: Make Schools A Green Sustainable Place With Self-Sufficient Electricity For Chargers

Solar-Powered Picnic Tables Pop up on Campuses Make Schools A Green Sustainable Place With Self-Sufficient Electricity For Chargers

school solar powered picnic tables for charger and self sufficient electricity

By now, I’m sure the majority of you have heard of or seen energy-efficient, solar-powered chargers such as this one by XTG Technology. Converting the sun’s rays into usable energy, this product offers a clean, green alternative to traditional outlet chargers. Well, EnerFusion, a Michigan-based company, is taking it a step further.

The company has been busily building solar-powered picnic tables known as Solar-Powered Doks, which boast 4 outlets, 2 USB connectors and even a light system, all powered through strategically placed solar energy panels.

Great for charging cell-phones, laptops and iPods on the go, the tables are quickly gaining popularity on college campuses across the country, as many students can be found meandering outside from building to building between classes.

Not content with only supplying green energy, the manufacturers are taking sustainability one step further by using only 100% recycled and recyclable materials such as milk jugs, aluminum and more to construct the tables.

Schools such as the University of Florida and Maryville College have already incorporated the tables into their campus layouts and expect more universities to follow suit. The tables will also make great additions to other outdoor venues such as parks, pavilions and more.

You Have A Camera To Charge?

No problem. What about a tablet? No worries, the Solar-Powered Doks have got you covered. Plus, schools and locations can customize the color and detail of the tables to match area dΓ©cor and themes. Adorn these green-energy makers with your school’s mascot, company logo or more! The possibilities are endless.

Started in 2006, EnerFusion is a company that prides itself on creating self-sustaining products that generate off-the-grid energy. A proud member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, EnerFusion is doing its part to create a more sustainable future.


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