Sustainable Alternative Energy Gadgets To Add To Your Everyday Life 2021

Is solar power the answer for your home?

Well, it depends.

The reality is that power bills are going up and they are likely to keep going up in the foreseeable future.

In addition, various governments are now coming out with tax incentives and other measures that are designed to promote the use of solar power.

Also, the truth is that we live in increasingly unstable times.  The probability that major economic problems will surface, or that we will see societal unrest or that a major terrorist attack or disaster will strike are higher today than they have ever been during our lifetimes.

So a lot of people are turning to solar power for their homes.

People want to be good to the environment and they want to be prepared for whatever is ahead.

Plus saving a ton of money on monthly bills is a motivating factor for many people too.

So is is for you?

The reality is that you need to do your research and you need to know what you are doing.

If you do not feel comfortable setting up a solar system for your home by yourself, then it is wise to get some professional assistance.

Having said that, often you can get a great deal on solar panels and on information on how to set up a solar system for your home on Amazon…..

Solar Bug Zappers

One of the most logical places to use solar-powered products is out on the lawn. Outdoor appliances are constantly exposed to the sun, and by using solar power, you can take a big chunk out of that energy bill.

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✅ Best Solar Insect Killer Torch Bug Zapper

Beautiful flame look – Beautiful flame bug zapper. Gnats were invading yard, this took care of them and looks like a beautiful torch.

Some of the most exciting outdoor solar powered products that we have seen recently are solar powered bug zapper lanterns. They charge up in the sunlight during the day and then they turn on automatically at night.

If you live in an area where there is a LOT of bugs, then it can be pretty unpleasant sometimes to sit outside on a hot summer night. By using some solar powered bug zapper lanterns, you can make sitting outside much more pleasant for you and your guests.

Solar Chargers

More than ever before people are using rechargeable electronic devices such as iPods, cell phones, blackberries and portable electronic gaming systems.

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✅ Best Foldable Portable Solar Phone Charger

Great product, especially – Very satisfied with this product. Use it every day on Denali. This means it was quite exposed to different elements: had to stuff it in backpack with other things, rain/snow drizzled on it, very cold at night, etc.. Never stopped working. Given the three outlets more people of our expedition came to use charger since it was the most reliable one. The holes on the edges and the carabiners that come with it make it very easy to attach it in a way that it can soak up a lot of sun .

Constantly recharging those devices using conventional power can be quite costly after a while. To save money and help protect the environment at the same time, why not consider a solar powered charger?

Many of these solar powered chargers are built to be “universal”. In other words, they are designed to be able to recharge a very large number of different devices.

If you are looking for a solar powered charger, we would encourage you to check out the great deals on Amazon…..

Solar Fans

Fans are great for keep a home cool during the summer months and for circulating air throughout a residence, but running them all the time can be a drain on the pocketbook.

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✅ Best Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan

Better than expected, would definitely buy again. – It definitely runs with the fan blades going fast! The airflow of the fan is shooting out of the gable vent to the outside. You would think that it would be mounted with the motor inside the attic but to get air out did it correctly. Have to seal around it to keep it from shooting air back in by building a frame box around it. Attic is a Lot cooler now. Like that it is electric free but won’t work at night unless there is a way to hook up a back up battery???? Heat is worse at day so it’s really no biggie.

One way that many homeowners are dealing with this is to install solar fans in their homes where they can. Of course the sun will not reach every area of your home, but many are using solar fans in the attic and in other areas that get plenty of sunlight.

Solar fans have a few major advantages over conventional fans. They are cheaper to run, they are better on the environment and they keep going even when the electricity goes out.

Solar Flashlights

Have you ever had the power go out for an extended period of time only to discover that the batteries in your flashlights are dead?

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✅ Best Handheld Solar Powered Flashlights

Great military grade solar flashlight! – This flashlight makes for the perfect gift, or auto accessory, or for the home. It is blindingly bright. And the strobe feature stuns you in your tracks.

One of the best ways to avoid that is to make sure that you have plenty of solar powered flashlights on hand. And surprisingly, they can be extremely affordable.

The reality is that we live at a time when things are only going to become more unstable. When your electricity goes out for several days, or if a major disaster strikes, will you and your family be ready?

Now is the time to get prepared, and now is the time to scoop up some affordable solar flashlights while you can…..

Solar Fountains

One way to add a touch of class to your home and to be good to the environment all at the same time is to add a solar powered fountain to your exterior.

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✅ Best Solar Water Pump Floating Fountain

3.5W is better. This fountain has it – There are a LOT of bird bath fountains on the market right now. Two things to look for are how many watts (the power) and built in battery (keeps it going). Many of the fountains only have 1.5W and some don’t have a battery. That means that the fountain will be wimpy and if a cloud passes in front of the sun, it will die. This fountain also has a variety of heads. The more ports, the lower the shower. The single port sprays straight up quite high. That may not be suitable for most bird baths, as the spray will be blown away from the bird bath by the slightest breeze. A multi-port head is most suitable for most. This fountain can be free floating or anchored. The suction cups will only help if you have a glass like surface to attach it to and it’s exactly so far beneath the surface.

Many homeowners like the idea of having a fountain running in front of their home, but they don’t like the idea that it would add a significant chunk to their energy bill month after month. 

That is one reason why solar powered outdoor products are becoming so popular.  They are sitting outside all the time anyway, so why not take advantage of the sun and save money at the same time?

In fact, many homeowners view a solar powered fountain as a chance to look good and be environmentally friendly all at the same time.  For the very best deals on solar powered fountains, we would encourage you to browse the latest listings on Amazon….

Flexible Solar Panels

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✅ Best Socentralar Flexible Solar Panels

Durable – Flexible solar panel use sealed junction box make, use photovoltaic special cable and connector ,the solar panel corrosion-resistant and weatherproof for superior outdoor performance and longer life. Flexible solar panel use high-efficiency Monocrystalline solar cells that offer higher efficiency up to 21% than traditional solar in bright weather condition, it provides a long service life and is virtually maintenance free.

Solar Generators

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✅ Best Foldable Solar Panel And Generator

Yup, this is the perfect power station accessory! – Awesome product. Comes with every adapter you could wish for, alligator clips to recharge a car battery. It’s not heavy, well assembled, has a built in MPPT controller with 2 USB outlets.

Solar GPS

Solar iphones

Solar Outdoor Lighting

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✅ Best 8 Pack Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

Light your path – Loved these! have a little path on the side of your home that is very dark and these lights aren’t the brightest but they do what is needed for solar powered. Love the pattern the lights give and they haven’t given any trouble so far. Will update in future if problems occur.

Solar Panels

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✅ Best Portable Solar Panel

Unique and Useful – This thing is crazy lightweight and folds up thin enough that it’ll fit in nearly any nook or cranny of your closet, garage, trunk, or otherwise.  This panel comes with just about every connector and adapter known to man 

Solar Water

Solar Weather Station

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✅ Best IdeaWorks All-In-One Solar Weather Station

Works and looks great – The produce is more decoration than a weather station. The little light works well for now. The temp gauge is accurate enough. The rain gauge is easy to read but the fittings are flimsy and don’t fit well.

Peel & Stick Solar

Motion Detectors

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Get This Great Deal

✅ Best Outdoor Motion Sensor & Detector Driveway Alert System

Great motion device and fantastic customer service – It was very simple to set these up. The instructions that were included were very clear and easy to follow. The item appeared exactly as in picture, delivered on time and made of good quality material .This solar energy based wireless device solved the problem without spending a lot of money for expensive wiring. Over all, This is a good product and you highly recommend friends or a family member.

Wind Turbine Kits

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✅ Best Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kits

Well built windmill for home use – This is a great windmill to help you add some electricity to your home. If you live in an area that gets consistent wind of 15mph or higher, this will work well for you. This comes with the nacelle, 3 24″ blades, the nosecone, synchronous motor w/ microprocessor and adjustable body attachment, a handheld adjustable anemometer to measure wind speed and clear instructions.


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