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Take These 4 Baby Steps To Go Solar 2022: Transform Your Living With These Gadgets And Equipment

Take These Baby Steps To Go Solar Transform Your Living With These Gadgets And Equipment

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As energy costs rise, solar panels are reaching a new high in popularity. It can seem like every television show and newspaper is encouraging you to invest thousands of dollars in equipment that may not even work for your home based on your climate.

The thought of jumping on the solar power bandwagon can be overwhelming to any homeowner. If you want to become more comfortable with the idea of powering your favorite devices off of sunlight, try taking a few baby steps by playing with one of these simple and inexpensive solar devices.


If you rely on your cell phone to stay in contact with your employer and your family, consider harnessing solar power to charge it. CNET says the best solar cell phone chargers can keep your battery topped up on sunny days. You can always plug your charger back into your home’s outlets if clouds ruin your charging plans.

Charging your cell phone doesn’t usually make a big impact on your electricity bill, but experimenting with an affordable charger can help you get a feel for the challenges of solar power generation. Other models charge batteries or gaming devices in addition to cell phones.

Outdoor Lighting

There’s no need to dig long trenches and run wires just to keep your walkways illuminated after the sun goes down. Small and affordable solar lights make it easy to brighten up your driveway, garden or yard without a major investment.

Look for high rated lights for the best results. Gardener’s Supply recommends installing a spot light with a powerful battery system to increase home security. The right light will run for a few cloudy days on the backup charge. You won’t have to remember to switch off your porch lights each morning if you make the switch to a solar device.


You can even bring the light of the sun indoors if you have a convenient window. Gizmag reports that there are now indoor lamps that connect to a tiny solar panel and battery pack that is mounted outside where it can collect plenty of power. You will need to run the wire out of a window or other opening, but the window can be used normally.

Other models are portable and can be charged by being placed directly in sunlight, then brought indoors during the evening. If you don’t want to rely on solar power for illumination through the night, consider starting with a lantern for camping that charges in the sun.


Once you feel comfortable with small solar devices, invest in a solar generator. These complete systems include the inverter, battery pack, panels and connectors all in one convenient cube. Solar Stik says that an affordable solar generator can replace a light duty gasoline model for many uses.

If you enjoy taking trips in your RV or boat, one of these cubes will provide plenty of backup power. Imagine going camping and enjoying all the amenities of home without the noise and fumes of a gasoline generator.

UPG 87530 Ecotricity Portable Emergency Backup Power Solar Generator, Plug and Play by UPG

Xantrex 802-1500 XPower 1,500 Watt Portable Powerpack

Xantrex 802-1500 XPower 1,500 Watt Portable Powerpack

You don’t have to rush out and spend $50,000 just to dip your toes in the world of solar power. Start small with devices that have plenty of good ratings. Look for devices that include batteries to make the most of the power you gather.

You can quickly discover if your property is suitable for power generation through sunlight after a few months of experimenting with solar lamps, backup chargers or small generators.

This piece was composed by Troy Feathersby, a freelance writer based in Santa Fe, NM, for the team at Universal Battery.


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