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The Best Home Solar Panel For Beginners 2022: Solar Energy Basics 101 Easy To Install And Operate

The Best Home Solar Panel For Beginners [year]: Solar Energy Basics 101 Easy To Install And Operate

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Best Solar Panel For Home For Beginners

Solar panels come in various shapes and sizes with varying capabilities. By now you may already know that a solar panel is a collection of photovoltaic cells which have the ability to convert solar energy from the sun in the form of light into electricity.

People just starting out may want to try smaller easy to operate and install panels before they move up to more elaborate setups. When looking for a beginner solar panel; you want one that’s affordable, easy to install, easy to manage, and will save you money. So what is the best solar panel for a home for beginners?

Litefuze 30W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

The Litefuze solar panel is a very good entry-level solar panel. It is capable of producing 30 watts of power at about 17 volts and 1.7 Amps. Simply put you can use this to very efficiently charge 35 amp hour batteries which can in turn power lights, charge mobile devices, and power small appliances.

This may not seem like much but when we think about the cost of charging mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, phones and running small appliances such as fans over the course of the year; it is astonishing that this goes unnoticed given that most households have multiples of each of these devices.

The Best Solar Panel For Beginners.

Why Litefuze 30W Monocrystalline Solar Panel?

The panel is small and weighs only about 6 pounds and is very sturdy and weatherproof as the panels are encased in a very secure air-tight glass housing. You won’t have to worry about leaving these out in the rain or snow. Being small and very durable it is very easy to transport and maneuver.

Installation is pretty simple and beginner-friendly. The panel is very affordable at just about 100 dollars and is fully capable of paying for itself within the first year of operation by shaving a couple of dollars each month of your electricity bill.

This will further continue as the solar panel will easily last beyond 5 years. The risk /reward is definitely worth giving this solar panel a try. Another great thing about this panel is you can get it from the comforts of your home by ordering onlineΒ and also get reviews on it from others who have tried this panel.

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