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The Future Of Energy – Top 5 Alternative Sources Of Energy That You Should Know By Now 2022

The Future of Energy - Top 5 Alternative Sources of Energy That You Should Know By Now

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New sources of energy will be required if our current technology-dependent society is to continue. Fossil fuels have given our society a huge lift as far as energy goes. Few technologies we have created can rival the energy output offered by fossil fuels. However, prices will continue to rise.

Supplies will continue to fall. A few technologies are being developed to take advantage of other sources of energy or improve on current technologies. If they can be developed to their potential, the future will look brighter than ever.

Solar Wind Power

Solar power has always been promising. However, it has always failed to meet expectations. Wind power also has great promise, but it too is seen as too economically challenged to be successful. However, new advancements in both technologies have created new potential for hybrid systems.

These systems would use wind turbines that are covered in flexible solar panels to produce electricity through both sources. As solar panels become more productive and cheaper to make, the possibilities of these hybrid systems become even greater.

In the future, buildings may be constructed to make greater use of the wind and solar energy around them because of these current technologies.

Waste Heat

Around 60% of all the energy used today is wasted as heat. By taking small steps such as taking the heat from a car’s exhaust system and turning that into energy the car uses efficiency could increase by ten percent.

Research is also being done on reducing the waste heat from refrigerators. Taking heat that is currently wasted and using it for productive purposes could help boost efficiency in almost everything we use.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is not just for large-scale energy production. It can be used at the level of individual homes or even individual devices. As solar panels fall in price it will become more feasible for people to install them on or around their homes.

This frees up more electricity on the power grid and helps reduce fossil fuel use. Different companies have also been developing and even selling, solar chargers for cell phones, tablets, and other devices.

Light-Powered Circuitry

Electronic devices operate because of the circuitry within the device. Without it the device becomes worthless. Scientists have recently discovered a way to power circuitry with light. This would eliminate the need for batteries and the electricity needed to charge them.

On the surface, this may seem like boring technology along the lines of solar power. However, imagine having a computer or smartphone that never ran out of power and never needed recharging. Having that kind of energy-producing power in something so small is quite revolutionary.

Water And Carbon Dioxide As Fuel

Current biofuel technology is too costly and too inefficient to replace fossil fuels. However, researchers have discovered that combining genetically altered bacteria with some water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight will produce more fuel per acre than ethanol at a lower cost.

Many people believe that it could be the first step toward replacing the current fossil fuel system with a sustainable alternative.

All of these energy sources hold promise for the future. These options represent only five of the most exciting developments in a fast-moving, highly-dynamic field.

Maybe these options will power the future. Maybe new technologies will be developed that offer humanity more in terms of affordability and productivity. No matter what, now is an exciting time in renewable energy.


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