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The Truth About Solar Panels – Are They Worth It: Energy Output And Cost Analysis 2022

The Truth About Solar Panels - Are They Worth It: Energy Output And Cost Analysis

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The Truth About Solar Panels- Are They Worth It?

Many of us are going solar these days and putting nice new solar panels on our homes or hiring a solar power company to get us up and running.

The other day I came across a comment that said solar panels require more energy to build and maintain than they put out. Being a solar energy enthusiast I decided to do some digging myself to find out the truth about solar panels. Are they more trouble than they are worth from an energy and cost standpoint?

Energy Considerations

Building a solar panel does require energy in the form of working the materials to form the solar panel. From heating, the silicon dioxide (sand) to the work done in building the electrical circuits and actual manual installation of the panels; the energy involved does add up throughout d process.

Initially building and installing the panels leaves an energy debt on the solar panel. Considering however that the average solar panel lasts for about 20 to 25 years with proper maintenance, then you will realize that after setting up the panel will continuously generate electricity without much more work being put in.

Cost Considerations

The economics comes down to how much you spend to purchase and install the solar panel versus how much money you save over the lifetime of the solar panel. Considering that the average electric bill is around $165 per month (approximately $2000 per year) and a homeowner who has a 4Kw rated solar system installed is liable to save $1000 per year.

Again taking into consideration that the average panel will last 20-25 years then we can see that over the lifetime of the panel it easily pays for itself, usually within the first 4 years of operation than for the next 20 or so years it operates free and clear!

Solar Power For Home Use-Easy Energy Fix?

With the world’s population constantly growing and more and more countries becoming industrialized; energy is undoubtedly one of the most precious resources and perhaps second only to water on this planet. Currently, most power comes from fossil fuels with so many negative effects from these fuels, renewable sources are getting more attention.

Chief among these is solar energy. Most energy consumption is done by home users who get their power from nuclear or fossil fuels. But if u live in a country or area that gets sunshine for most of the year why not take advantage of this?

I am here to say this is easier than you think. Solar power for home use is just within your grasp if you are willing to do just a little research and take the bold step and tell your energy company that you will no longer accept their extortionist rates.

You have the greatest free source of energy just above you’re head and you are going to take action and tap into that source. You will find that just that positive thinking will be a start toward your energy independence. Once you take this crucial step you will find setting up your first solar panel is just within your fingertips.

Final Analysissolar-panel-1428025-m

At the end of the day, while it may be initially expensive to get a decent solar system installed which can shave significant amounts off your electric bill, the long-term aspects still make this an extremely attractive and viable option going forward.

The key is to weather that first 4 or so years where you may feel you are not seeing a return on the investment but after that, both in terms of cost and energy considerations you will be happy you took time out to make the investment.

With the constantly rising cost of fossil fuel sources such as oil and coal, this will make an investment in solar panels an even more wise decision. A good way to start is to get a quote or estimate from your local solar power company. Many of these companies are willing to give free estimates!

As the costs of solar continue to come down I think this is going to be a more viable solution for more and more people. The fact that an entire company is creating its charging stations based on “solar” (Tesla) should give it some of the exposure it deserves. I suppose it’s the initial investment that puts people off and also it’s not very heavily promoted.

When people sit down and start to crunch the numbers on the potential boost in savings solar panels can offer over the years; they will be hard-pressed to ignore! For example, many don’t realize there are tax advantages to adding solar panels or systems to homes in many states (such as Washington) across the U.S.

There are many places in the world that get a lot of sun, a resource that is not going anywhere any time soon and that can be leveraged to power entire cities. I would have to agree that solar panels are a brilliant investment going forward and although the payoff is not immediate, there are definitely many benefits outside of just the financial ones to doing this.

It took decades to get fossil fuels that we burn today to get to an acceptable level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Renewables are not perfect by any means but in my opinion, are the best sources of power in the long run and it’s only a matter of time before they are brought to efficiency levels of your liking.

The article is based on the premise of the possibilities of a quality panel. Like with most things in life there are pros and cons to every system. When you buy a car obviously if you purchase one of lesser quality it will not last as long or perform as well as one of superior quality. Everyone thinking about installing solar panels for home use should do some homework in order to find quality panels.

Have your own solar testimonial? I believe that a Solar Panel is definitely a wise investment! The sooner we at the very least take a look at how they can benefit us the better we will be prepared for when we really start to run low on fossil fuels not to mention the cut in emissions that solar panels will save us from.

Let us know about it or leave some feedback in the comments below!


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