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The Ultimate Off-Grid Solar Energy Guide Book For DIY Beginners – Go Green With Solar Power For Homes

Are you considering an off-grid solar energy DIY system? Here’s the ultimate guide for you in setting up all the relevant equipment and various important setting and considerations you need to know. With this setup, you can contribute easily to making a positive impact on the environment.

  • With this guide, you will learn:
  • ✅ How many solar panels are needed for battery storage
  • ✅ How to design to minimize costs of equipment
  • ✅ The best angle for your solar panels
  • Wire sizing and type
  • ✅ How photovoltaic cells work
  • ✅ Description of Charger Controllers and Inverters and other required equipment
  • ✅ How to attach panels to your roof
  • ** Off Grid solar only, eliminating the confusion of grid-tied systems
  • Global audience, using internationally recognized codes and standards
New Material In Solar Panels Use Affordable Alternative Power Cost-effectively

Before making up your mind to get an off-grid solar system, make sure to read through this and get the right equipment at the best price possible. Know all the basics to set up your own energy source and be self-sufficient.

Even for someone who stays intimidated by the subject of electricity and ends up hiring out the work, the book will help them be a more knowledgeable shopper.

The book covers geographic and seasonal available solar energy, battery chemistries, cost of ownership, the battery resistance rate of charge and discharge, how to interpret solar panel datasheets, and sizing and derating an overall system. It has both a proper table of contents and an index for reference.

Let us help shed light on the confusing world of solar power and help you make the best decisions regarding off-grid solar DIY kits.


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