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Top 6 Reductions You Should Be Making Right Now 2022: Conserve Natural Resources One Change At A Time – Contribute To A More Sustainable World

Top Reductions You Should Be Making Right Now Conserve Natural Resources One Change At A Time - Contribute To A More Sustainable World

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Great environmental change happens one consumer at a time. By making a few changes to their daily routine, consumers conserve natural resources and make the world a better place.

Reduce Water Consumption

A natural resource, water remains invaluable to life. Conserving it makes sense, and several tips decrease the amount of water a household uses.

First, you can install a low flow toilet. If this conservation step is too expensive, you can drop a water bottle into the toilet’s tank and use less water per flush.

Drinking water keeps you healthy, but single use bottles consume energy during the manufacturing and disposal processes. Instead, you can install a water filter in your refrigerator. The pure and clean water and ice cost less than bottled water, and are better for the environment.

Finally, turning off the water reduces water usage by thousands of gallons annually. When brushing teeth, shaving or shampooing, you don’t need to leave the water running. Before running the water to make it hot for dishwashing, you can catch the cold water in a bucket. That water can nourish plants or wash vehicles and reduces a household’s water usage.

Reduce Electricity Usage

Instead of wasting unnecessary electricity, you can purchase energy saving appliances. Installing compact fluorescent light bulbs also drastically decreases energy use. With electric heating or cooling systems, adjusting the thermostat a few degrees reduces energy use without sacrificing comfort.

Even in standby mode, computers and televisions use energy. Instead of leaving appliances plugged in, unplug them to conserve electricity.

Reduce Harmful Emissions

When possible, eco-friendly consumers can carpool or use public transportation. By not driving, consumers reduce emissions, lower their carbon footprint and save money.

Reduce Paper Waste

While planting trees offsets some paper usage, other techniques equally reduce the paper you use. Printing on both sides of a piece of paper cuts the amount of paper used in a home or office in half. Consumers can also sign up for paperless utility bills, online bank statements and e-receipts from retail stores and the ATM.

Reusing soiled clothing is another way to reduce paper usage. Stained or torn textiles wipe up spills, dust furniture or scrub sinks and replace paper towels. Reusable cups, plates and silverware limit paper product usage.

Reduce Disposable Refuse

From recycling plastic and aluminum containers to donating or selling used clothing, you can consider throwing away less stuff. In addition to using a recycling bin at home, you can compost organic materials like vegetable peels, tea bags, yogurt and even fingernail clippings to reduce waste.

Reduce Environmentally Unclean Products

Every home relies on cleaning products. While store-bought products often contain chemicals, natural products protect the air quality. Baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice can keep a home sanitized, clean and eco-friendly. Likewise, you can use washable microfiber clothes instead of disposable mop heads for cleaning duties.

Going green is easier than ever. By implementing simple changes to your daily routine, you can improve the environment and save natural resources for future generations.


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