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Top Energy Star Furnace Rebates: Review These Top Approved Energy Star Furnace Before Making Your Purchase 2022

Top Energy Star Furnace Rebates: Review These Top Approved Energy Star Furnace Before Making Your Purchase

approved star furnace list before purchase

Want a rebates on a high energy furnace? Want a furnace energy rebate? Here is a list of the approved energy star furnaces, making sure you purchase one of the top energy efficient furnaces. So, these are the furnaces that you qualify for a energy rebate.

Manufacturer NameProduct Family NameFuelAFUE RatingModel Series
Adams ManufacturingCondensing Oil Fired FurnaceOil95ACHEO Series
Adams ManufacturingCondensing Oil Fired FurnaceOil95ALHEO Model Series
Adams ManufacturingCondensing Oil Furnace95AHEO Series Oil Furnaces
Adams ManufacturingCondensing Oil Furnace95ASHEO Series Oil Furnaces
Air-EaseAdvantage 93 IIGas92.5models with G2D93
Air-EaseAdvantage 93 IIGas92.5products with G2D93
Air-EaseEnhanced 95Gas95models with G2D95
Air-EaseEnhanced 95VGas95models with G2D95C
Air-EaseUltra SX 9090models with GUK or GCK
Air-EaseUltra SX 9393models with GU 93
Air-EaseUltra SX 9595models with GU 95
Air-EaseUltra V Advantage 9392.5models with G1D93
Air-EaseUltra V Advantage 93 IIGas92.5models with G2D93L
Air-EaseUltra V Enhanced 95Gas94.5models with G2D95L
Air-EaseUltra V Tech 9090models with G1D90
Air-EaseUltra V Tech 9191models with G1D91
Air-FloGas92models with AF92
Air-FloGas92models with AF92V
AirQuest94V94models with NTVM
AirQuestAirquestGas95models with H9UHX
AirQuestDC 90 (downflow/horiz)92models with NCGM
AirQuestDC 90 (upflow/horiz)92models with NTGM
AirQuestDLX 90 Series92models with H9MPD
AirQuestDV 9090.1models with NTGS
AirQuestDV 9091models with NUG9
AirQuestIIS 90 Series92models with H9MPT
AirQuestNCPM92models with NCPM
AirQuestNTGS91models with NTGS
AirQuestNTPM92models with NTPM
AirQuestPS 90 Series90models with N9MP1
AirQuestPS 90-DV Series90models with N9MP2
AircoGTHBGas93models starting with GTHB
AircoGTHCGas95models starting with GTHC
AircoUltramax IIIGas95GTH – 50, 70, 85, 100
AllstyleGas90.4CCA Series
AllstyleGas90.4CSA Series
AllstyleGas90.9VCA Series
AllstyleGas90.9VSA Series
AmanaAir Command 9092models with GUCA and GCCA
AmanaAir Command 90 II92models with GUSA
AmanaAir Command 95 II Q95-96models with GUVA and GCVA
AmanaGas FurnaceGas92GUSA
American StandardAmeristarGas90models with CUX or CDX
American StandardFreedom 90Gas91-92.1models with AUC or ADC
American StandardFreedom 9091-93Models with AUY ,ADY, AUC, ADC, AUX ,ADX
American StandardFreedom 90 Comfort RGas92-93models with AUY or ADY
American StandardFreedom 90 Single Stage or High EfficiencyGas91-92.1models with AUX1 or ADX1
American StandardFreedom 90 Two StageGas91-92.1models with AUX2 or ADX2
Arcoaire(None)90.1models with GUM
Arcoaire94V94models with VNK
ArcoaireArcoaireGas95models with H9UHX
ArcoaireDC90 (downflow/horiz)90models with NCGM
ArcoaireDC90 (upflow/horiz)92models with NTGM
ArcoaireDLX 90 Series92models with H9MPD
ArcoaireDV9091models with NTG9
ArcoaireEnviroplus 9090.1-92models with GUK, GDK, GCK
ArcoaireGCK (downflow/horiz)90models with GCK
ArcoaireGNK (upflow/horiz)92models with GNK
ArcoaireGNM91models with GNM
ArcoaireGNP91models with GNP
ArcoaireIIS 90 Series92models with H9MPT
ArcoaireNTGS91models with NTGS
ArcoairePS 90 Series90models with N9MP1
ArcoairePS 90-DV Series90models with N9MP2
ArcoaireTCK 9092models with TCK
ArcoaireTNK 9292models with TNK
ArcoaireVS 90 Series92models with H9MPV
Armstrong AirAdvantage 93 IIGas92.5models with G2D93
Armstrong AirEnhanced 95Gas95models with G2D95
Armstrong AirEnhanced 95Gas95products with G2D95
Armstrong AirEnhanced 95VGas95models with G2D95C
Armstrong AirUltra SX 9090models with GUK or GCK
Armstrong AirUltra SX 9393models with GU 93
Armstrong AirUltra SX 9595models with GU 95
Armstrong AirUltra V Advantage 9392.5models with G1D93
Armstrong AirUltra V Advantage 93 IIGas92.5models with G2D93L
Armstrong AirUltra V Enhanced 95Gas94.5models with G2D95L
Armstrong AirUltra V Tech 9090models with G1D90
Armstrong AirUltra V Tech 9191models with G1D91
BryantBryantGas91-92.3models with 340AAV
BryantCondensing Furnace90models with 345MAV
BryantCondensing Furnace90models with 351DAS
BryantCondensing Furnace91models with 340MAV
BryantPlus 90Gas91.2-95.5models with 350AAV
BryantPlus 9092models with 350MAV
BryantPlus 90iGas92.7-96.6models with 355AAV
BryantPlus 90i94-96models with 355MAV
BryantPlus 90tGas91.4-93models with 352AAV
BryantPlus 90t93models with 352MAV
BryantPlus 95iGas95models with 355BAV
Bryant, Day&Night, PayneCondensing Furnace90models with 345MAV
Bryant, Day&Night, PayneCondensing Furnace90.5models with 340MAV
Bryant, Day&Night, PaynePlus 9092models with 350MAV
Bryant, Day&Night, PaynePlus 90i94-96models with 355MAV
CarrierCarrierGas91-92.3models with 58MCB
CarrierComfort 92Gas91.4-95.5models with 58MXB
CarrierCondensing Furnace90models with 58MSA
CarrierCondensing Furnace90.5models with 58MCA
CarrierCondensing Furnace91models with 58MCA
CarrierInfinity94-96.6models with 58MVP
CarrierInfinity 96Gas92.7-96.6models with 58MVB
CarrierInfinity 96Gas95models with 58UVB
CarrierPerformance 93Gas91.4-93models with 58MTB
CarrierWeatherMaker92models with 58MXA
CarrierWeatherMaker 9300TS93models with 58MTA
CarrierWeathermaker92models with 58MXA
Climate EnergyGTHBGas93models with GTHB
ColemanCondensing FurnaceGas92GM9
ColemanCondensing Furnace91 – 94G9T
ColemanCondensing Furnace92 – 94G9V
ColemanCondensing Furnace92+G9D
ColemanCondensing Furnace94G9D
Coleman (Custom)Condensing Furnace91 – 94FG9
Coleman-Evcon90% Down flow90DGAD060CD
Coleman-Evcon90% Down flow90DGAE080CD
Coleman-Evcon90% Down flow90DGAF100CD
Coleman-EvconCondensing furnace91 – 94Models with G9
Comfort AireConquest 9092GLUA105-E5
Comfort AireConquest 9092.7ELDH45-E3
Comfort AireConquest 9092.8GLUA75-E3
Comfort AireConquest 9092.8GLUA75-E4
Comfort AireConquest 9093.3GLUA60-E3
Comfort AireConquest 9093.5GLUA90-E5
Comfort AireConquest 9094.2FLUA120-E5
Comfort AireConquest 9094.3FLUA45-E3
Comfortmaker(None)90.1models with GUM
Comfortmaker94V94models with VNK
ComfortmakerComfortmakerGas95models with C9UHX
ComfortmakerDLX 90 Series92models with C9MPD
ComfortmakerEnviroplus 9090.1-92models with GUK, GDK, GCK
ComfortmakerGCK (downflow/horiz)90models with GCK
ComfortmakerGNK (upflow/horiz)92models with GNK
ComfortmakerGNP91models with GNP
ComfortmakerIIS 90 Series92models with C9MPT
ComfortmakerNTGS91models with NTGS
ComfortmakerPS 90 Series90models with N9MP1
ComfortmakerPS 90-DV Series90models with N9MP2
ComfortmakerTCK 9092models with TCK
ComfortmakerTNK 9292models with TNK
ComfortmakerVS 90 Series92models with C9MPV
ConcordConcord 9090models with CG90
CorsaireFURN/ 9090models with FGRJ, FGTJ
Dornback Furnace DivisionCondensing Oil Fired FurnaceOil95CHEO Model Series
Dornback Furnace DivisionCondensing Oil Fired FurnaceOil95LHEO Model Series
Dornback Furnace DivisionHEO Series, Oil Fired95models with HEO
Dornback Furnace DivisionSHEO Series, Oil Fired95models with SHEO
DucaneFits-All 92VGas92models with CMPEV
Ducane CompanyFits-AllGas92.1CMPxVxxxxxx
Ducane CompanyFits-AllGas92.1CMPxxxxxxx
EVCONCondensing FurnaceGas92GF9
EVCON92-94models with DGU or DGD
Fraser-Johnston92-94models with P*HD, P*LU or P*ND
FrigidaireCondensing FurnaceGas92L1RC models
FrigidaireCondensing Furnace92FG6RC models
FrigidaireCondensing Furnace92FG6RL models
FrigidaireCondensing Furnace92FG6T models
GibsonCondensing FurnaceGas92GL1RC models
GibsonCondensing Furnace92KG6RC models
GibsonCondensing Furnace92KG6RL models
GoodmanGas $averGasd (Nat/LP)95models with AMS95
GoodmanGas $averGasd (Nat/LP)95models with GMS95
GoodmanGas $averGasd (Nat/LP)95models with GMV95
GoodmanGas $averGasd (Nat/LP)96models with AMV9
GrandaireCondensing Furnace92KG6RC models
GrandaireCondensing Furnace92KG6RL models
Heil94V94models with NTVM
HeilDC9090.1-92models with NUGM, NDGM, NCGM
HeilDC90 (downflow/horiz)90models with NCGM
HeilDC90 (upflow/horiz)92models with NTGM
HeilDLX 90 Series92models with H9MPD
HeilDV9090.1models with NUG9
HeilDV9091models with NTG9
HeilHeilGas95models with H9UHX
HeilIIS 90 Series92models with H9MPT
HeilPS 90-DV Series90models with N9MP2
HeilQuietComfortTM II (downflow/horiz)92models with NCPM
HeilQuietComfortTM II (upflow/downflow)92models with NTPM
HeilVS 90 Series92models with H9MPV
InterthermCondensing FurnaceGas92M3RL models
InterthermCondensing Furnace92G6RL models
InterthermCondensing Furnace92G6RC models
InterthermCondensing Furnace92G6T models
InterthermCondensing Furnace92M2R models
KeepriteKeepriteGas95models with C9UHX
KelvinatorCondensing FurnaceGas92L1RC models
KelvinatorCondensing Furnace92G6RC models
KelvinatorCondensing Furnace92G6RL models
KelvinatorCondensing Furnace92G6T models
KenmoreKenmoreGas95models with C9UHX
KenmoreKenmoreGas95models with H9UHX
KenmoreKenmoreGas95models with T9UHX
LennoxComplete Heat90models with AM30/HM30
LennoxDimension Gas Furnace90models with GHR32
LennoxDimension Gas Furnace93.0-94.2models with G32
LennoxElite 90 Gas Furnace90.9-92.4models with G26 or GHR26
LennoxG41UFGas90Models with G41
LennoxG43Gas90-92.1%models with G43UF
LennoxG51MPGas92.1 – 92.5models with G51
LennoxG61MPGas94.1models with “G61MP-“
LennoxG61MPVGas94.1 – 94.6models with G61MPV
LennoxHM61Gas95Models with HM61-150
LennoxHM61Gas96Models with HM61-100
LennoxPulse 21 Gas Furnace93.2-96.2models with G21 or GSR21
LennoxPulse 21V Gas Furnace93.4-94.5models with G21V or GSR21V
LuxaireCondensing FurnaceGas92GM9
LuxaireHigh Performance91 – 94G9T
LuxaireHigh Performance92P*LU or P*LD
LuxairePeak Performance92 – 94G9V
LuxairePerformance Plus91 – 94G9D
Luxaire (Basis)Condensing furnace91 – 94FG9
MaytagCondensing FurnaceGas92MGC1RC models
MaytagCondensing FurnaceGas92PGC1RC models
MaytagCondensing Furnace90PGF1RL models
MaytagCondensing Furnace92PGF1RC models
MaytagCondensing Furnace92PGF1T* models
MeridianGas90.4CCA Series
MeridianGas90.4CSA Series
MeridianGas90.9VCA Series
MeridianGas90.9VSA Series
MillerCondensing FurnaceGas92M3RL models
MillerCondensing Furnace92G6RC models
MillerCondensing Furnace92G6RL models
MillerCondensing Furnace92M2R models
OlsenGTHBGas93models starting with GTHB
OlsenGTHCGas95models starting with GTHC
OlsenUltramax IIIGas95GTH-50, 70, 85, 100
Oneida RoyalGTHBGas93models starting with GTHB
Oneida RoyalGTHCGas95models starting with GTHC
Oneida RoyalUltramax IIIGas95GTH – OR – 50, 70, 85, 100
PayneCondensing Furnace91.5models with 490AAV
PayneCondensing Furnace92models with PG9
PaynePayneGas90-92.1models with PG9MAB
PhilcoCondensing FurnaceGas92L1RC models
PhilcoCondensing Furnace92G6RC models
PhilcoCondensing Furnace92G6RL models
PhilcoCondensing Furnace92G6T models
RheemClassic 90 Plus with Dual Comfort ControlGas92Models with RGRK
RheemClassic SeriesGas92Models with RGTK
RheemFURN/Classic 9092models with RGRJ, RGTJ
RheemFURN/Classic 90 Plus92-94models with RGRA, RGTA
RheemFURN/Classic 90 Plus w/CCC94models with RGFD, RGGD
RuudAcheiver SeriesGas92Models with UGTK
RuudClassic 90 Plus with Dual Comfort ControlGas92Models with UGRK
RuudFURN/Achiever 9092models with UGRJ, UGTJ
RuudFURN/Achiever 90 Plus92-94models with UGRA, UGTA
RuudFURN/Achiever 90 Plus w/CCC94models with UGFD, UGGD
SpartanCondensing Oil Fired FurnaceOil95SPCHEO Model Series
SpartanCondensing Oil Fired FurnaceOil95SPHEO Model Series
SpartanCondensing Oil Fired FurnaceOil95SPLHEO Model Series
SpartanCondensing Oil Fired FurnaceOil95SPSHEO Model Series
TFCGas90.4CCA Series
TFCGas90.4CSA Series
TFCGas90.9VCA Series
TFCGas90.9VSA Series
TappanCondensing FurnaceGas92L1RC models
TappanCondensing Furnace92FG6RC models
TappanCondensing Furnace92FG6RL models
TappanCondensing Furnace92FG6T models
Tempstar94V94models with NTVM
TempstarDC 9090.1-92models with NUGM, NDGM, NCGM
TempstarDC90 (downflow/horiz)90models with NCGM
TempstarDC90 (upflow/horiz)92models with NTGM
TempstarDLX 90 Series92models with T9MPD
TempstarDV 9090.1models with NTG9
TempstarDV 9090.1models with NUG9
TempstarIIS 90 Series92models with T9MPT
TempstarNTGS91models with NTGS
TempstarPS 90 Series90models with N9MP1
TempstarPS 90-DV Series90models with N9MP2
TempstarSmartComfortTM II (downflow/horiz)92models with NCPM
TempstarSmartComfortTM II (upflow/downflow)92models with NTPM
TempstarTempstarGas95models with T9UHX
TempstarVS 90 Series92models with T9MPV
Texas Furnace, LLCMeridian + 90Gas90.4CSA Series
Texas Furnace, LLCMeridian + 90Gas90.9VSA Series
Texas Furnace, LLCTFC + 90Gas90.4CSA Series
Texas Furnace, LLCTFC + 90Gas90.9VSA Series
Thermal Zone90% Downflow Furnace90models with GD***M
Thermal Zone90% Multi Position Furnace90models GU***M
Thermal Zone93% Upflow Furnace93models with GU***N
Thermal ZoneCondensing Furnace90G6RL models
Thermal ZoneCondensing Furnace92G6RC models
Thermal ZoneCondensing Furnace92G6T* models
ThermoPride90%+ Condensing SeriesGas92.0 – 94.5models with CHBI or CDBI
ThermoPrideDownflow, fixed input, condensing furnaceNatural or Propane gas91.5-93.0models with CDB
ThermoPrideDownflow, two-stage, condensing furnaceNatural or Propane gas93models with CDX
ThermoPridePremiere Series CHXI/CDXIGas93.0 – 94.5models with CHXI or CDXI
ThermoPrideUpflow, fixed input, condensing furnaceNatural or Propane gas93-94.5models with CHB
ThermoPrideUpflow, two-stage, condensing furnaceNatural or Propane gas94.0, 94.5models with CHX
TraneXB9091models with TDC
TraneXB9092.1models with TUC
TraneXL9092.5-93models with TDX-R
TraneXL9092.5-93models with TUX-R
TraneXR 9091models with TDX
TraneXR 9092.1models with TUX
TraneXV 9092.1-93models with TDY
TraneXV 9092.5-93models with TUY
WeatherKingFURN / 900.9models with 90RJ, 90TJ
WeatherKingFURN/Select 9092models with WGRJ, WGTJ
WeatherKingFURN/Select 90 Plus92-94models with WGRA, WGTA
WeatherKingFURN/Select 90 Plus w/CCC94models with WGFD, WGGD
WestinghouseCondensing FurnaceGas92L1RC models
WestinghouseCondensing Furnace90FG6RL models
WestinghouseCondensing Furnace92FG6RC models
WestinghouseCondensing Furnace92FG6T* models
WhirlpoolWhirlpool GoldGas0.93WGFDC
WhirlpoolWhirlpool GoldGas0.93WGFDU
WhirlpoolWhirlpool GoldGas0.93WGFEC
WhirlpoolWhirlpool GoldGas0.93WGFET
WhirlpoolWhirlpool GoldGas0.93WGFEU
XenonCondensing FurnaceGas90Models with XF90
XenonCondensing FurnaceGas92XYF9
XenonCondensing FurnaceGas95Models with XF9V
York InternationalColeman Echelon SeriesGas0.92Models with FC9S
York InternationalColeman Echelon SeriesGas92+%Models with FC9T
York InternationalColeman Echelon SeriesGas92+%Models with FC9V
York InternationalCondensing FurnaceGas92GM9
York InternationalCondensing FurnaceGas0.92Models with GF9S
York InternationalCondensing FurnaceGas92+%Models with GM9S
York InternationalCondensing FurnaceGas92+%Models with GM9T
York InternationalCondensing FurnaceGas92+%Models with GM9V
York InternationalCondensing furnace91 – 94FG9
York InternationalDeluxe Diamond 95 Series94-95P*XU
York InternationalDiamond 90 Series90P*DR
York InternationalDiamond 90 Series91 – 94P*UR, P*DH
York InternationalDiamond 95 Ultra Series92 – 94P*XU-V, PXD-V
York InternationalLuxaire Acclimate SeriesGas0.92Models with FL9S
York InternationalLuxaire Acclimate SeriesGas92+%Models with FL9T
York InternationalLuxaire Acclimate SeriesGas92+%Models with FL9V
York InternationalYork Affinity SeriesGas0.92Models with PS9
York InternationalYork Affinity SeriesGas92+%Models with PT9
York InternationalYork Affinity SeriesGas92+%Models with PV9
York InternationalYork Latitude SeriesGas0.92Models with GY9S
ZephyrFURN/ 9090models with EGRJ, EGTJ

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